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Unsure... - October 30

My 1st Cousin has three little girls. Andrea, Nicole and Kaitlyn. She calls the last one Katie. Now that I'm pregnant, my husband wants to name our child (if it is a girl) either Kate or Katie. Would that be stupid considering my cousins daughter is already a 'katie'? Thanks


Beth - October 30

no because her real name is Kaitlyn her nickname is Katie so its up for grabs if you want it take it


Gemma - October 30

Personally I would not use it but then it depends how much you have to do with your cousin. It could get confusing having two Katie's and would she think you were copying her name.


Lisa - October 30

You can, but then they will think you named your child after theirs and that they had it first. It's stupid, but people think like that 90% of the time.


Unsure... - October 30

thanks for your feedback.. What is funny is that right before Kaitlyn was born, they wanted to use MY name! I said it was fine and I was flattered.... I guess I have time to make my decision. Thankyou!


sparkles - October 30

Sweetie, you should use whatever name you want and don't worry about what others say. Just because one family member has a certain name does not mean they own the name and no one else can have that name. If you are happy naming your daughter kate or katie, then do it. Other people will just have to get over it.


Nicole - October 31

There are a few of my cousins that named their cousins the same name....I don't think it is a big deal. If you love that name go for it.


Jennifer - October 31

Well, my cousin and I share the same name, and it can be confusing, so when we're together, or our aunt/uncles talk about us, we go by our first AND middle names. As long as your family have ways to know who's who, or whatever it should be fine. And the bottom line is that whatever you and your husband want to name your child, that's what you should name her.


to unsure - October 31

just talk to her and let her know what your planning I am sure you won't think anything bad about it..good luck


well - October 31

We tend to reuse names in my family, My neice has my name another neice has a name similar to mine. A nieghbor liked it so her daughter is nicknamed it, and a girl I grew up with named her daughter something very close to it. My sister has my aunts name etc. Yeah it's still weird to have someone say my name and not be talking to me. ( it's an unusual name) Overall I am pretty flattered, but maybe my parents should be for picking such a cool name.


?? - October 31

Don't you want your babies name to be their own? What I'm saying is unless maybe it has meaning don't you want to make it different, I mean I'm sure there will be someone out there that has that name, but why do you want to reuse it? If you like it then go for it, but I myself am going for something different.



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