Can M S Start In The 2nd Trimester

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Peachtree - March 7

Hello everyone! I'm 13 weeks and 3 days along, and for the past 2 days I've had a few waves of nausea. This is strange to me, because I used to have a few mild waves around my 6th to 8th week along, but it stopped. Well yesterday and today it's come back. Today something very strange happened. I was sitting at my desk, when I started to feel nauseas, then all of a sudden my mouth filled up with saliva (which always happens to me before I throw up). So I went to the washroom (which grosses me out to think of vomiting into the office toilet), and I stood over the toilet and opened my mouth, and for about 2 full minutes, saliva poured out of my mouth almost like I had a mouth full of water. It just kept coming and coming. Then the nausea passed, and I didn't throw up. I thought things were supposed to get so much better in the 2nd trimester?! Has anyone else had m/s START in the 2nd trimester?


lqtoo - March 7

I haven't heard of it starting in the 2nd tri. There are quite a few nasty flu bugs going around though - could it be possible that you might actually be sick instead of just having m/s?


Peachtree - March 7

Hi lqtoo. No, because it pa__sed so quickly, and I feel fine now, I'm sure it's not a flu bug. I just got over a nasty cold a week ago, so I'd better not be getting something else now! Haha!


Peachtree - March 8



kimberly - March 8

I have the book What to Expect When your Expecting at home and it says very few women may just be begginning thier morning sicknes in the second trimester, so I guess you can.


Krissy25 - March 8

What you have described is similar to what i have gone through quite a few mornings, I don't throw up (partly b/c i think my stomach is empty) and i start to sweat a lot and my mouth fills up with saliva and then it pa__ses and i am fine. The only difference was that i had m/s and nausea starting around week 6 and it has finally started to go away, i am almost 16 weeks now. Sorry, I can't really answer your question about it starting in the 2nd tri, or starting back up after several weeks of not feeling nausea. It's probably nothing to worry about maybe you ate something that didn't agree with.


Shannon - March 10

i think it's unlikey that you'll have a miscarriage at this point. i've heard of increasing saliva during pregnancy and yuck! if i had that much i'd want to throw up too! if you're not bleeding and your not in pain, i wouldn't worry too much. sometimes people just get wierd pregnancy symptoms. with my first i had lock-jaw every morning for the last month or so of my pregnancy and then it just went away after the baby was born. the body is a wierd thing sometimes.


Melissa30 - March 10

Hello peachtree, I am just visiting the 2nd trimester forum. I am actually 33 weeks pregnant today and I have been having morning sickness since about the 18th week. It's not every morning but over the past week it has gotten worse. Atleast 3 to 4 mornings a week. I did not have any m/s in my 1st trimester. Good luck and safe pregnancy to you all.


angelinakai - March 11

I am 13 weeks and my m/s just started at 12 weeks. I didn't throw up at all in the 1st trimester and now i feel terrible, especially in the morning. Everyone is telling me that that is not supposed to happen, but it is happening to me.


Allisonc79 - March 12

I would say that depending on the person, there will be a little nausea on and off throughout the whole pregnancy. In the first trimester its really bad, then in the second it is mostly gone, but comes back in little bits every once in awhile. For me I still get waves of nausea and I'm 21 weeks. But its really nothing that sends me to the toilet like it used too.



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