Can Someone PLEASE Tell Me What This Means

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babylove4 - October 26

Hi Everyone, I'm now 26 weeks 1 day, I just seen my MD yesterday and He said I had a "Low Placenta" & That his only concern is that it's not covering my Cervix, But He will re-check me in 3 weeks, I ask him what that meant, All he said was not to worry, Can someone please tell what does that really mean?


jennifer_33106 - October 26

Hey there! I was wondering where you have been! I hope everything is ok and Im sorry but I have no idea what that is. I hate that when they say oh you may have this but dont you worry. We are women and we are pregnant. Of course we are going to worry. GL!!


Brendansmom - October 26

I believe it's called placenta previa. It means that your placenta attached to the lower portion of your uterus near your cervix. In most cases as your uterus expands the placenta will move away from the cervix. But if it doesn't move and is very close to your cervix, you will need to have a c-section. The concern is that your placenta could block the cervix when it is time to deliver. Don't worry yet, in most cases it does move!


BriannasMummy - October 27

As a pregnancy progresses your placenta moves up higher into the uterus.. making room for the baby to make his her great escape. In very few cases the placenta stays low, and sometimes covers the cervix. If the placenta stays over the cervix, it makes it so you are unable to delivery the baby v____ally. Considering youre only 26 weeks.. you have PLENTY of time for the placenta to move on up where it should be. ~Kristin~


letgo0527 - October 27

When youre pregnant they want your placenta to be on the side wall or at the top of the uterus, but if it's really low it could cause problems during delivery. They recheck you because most of the time it will move up. Same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my son.


Gemini_Girl - October 27

hi, thats a shame its horrible when they just find a new "problem" its not an ideal place for the placenta to be, but I think the worse thing that can happen with that is you need to have a c-section, but hey like the others say it might move, at least they are keeping an eye on it, try not to worry im sure it will be fine


babylove4 - October 27

Hi Jenn, I was stuck in Victorville Ca for 5 days, due to the fires, the freeways were closed, We can see the fires from my aunts house, It's just terrible out here....Ladies Thanks so much for that info, Just to think that's all my MD had to tell me, after 3 previous v____al births, that went well I really freaked out, Once again thank you so much.....: -)


peeplee - October 27

I had an ultrasound done and the report said that my placenta was low as well; my doctor told me not to worry about it as well. I asked him what it meant and he said that the placenta is low (towards the cervix) but as you grow and the placenta gets larger, it grows upwards, away from the cervix. If it stays low, that is a sign of placenta previa, and more serious things could happen towards delivery. I am only 17 weeks, so I have more time not to worry; I can definately see your concerns. See what your next ultrasound shows and go from that one. Hang in there!!!


babylove4 - October 29

Good morning everyone...I'm back at work, Hopefully I can stay until my maternity leave...Thanks so much peeplee. Have a good day everyone



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