Can Someone PLZ Help Me

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Hannah - April 14

I am 14 weeks and my doc tried to listen to the heart beat for the 1st time he tried for what seamed like half a hour and he couldnt find it..he didnt seem very worried but he asked me to come back friday to try normal is it to not hear it by now?? I am scared but be honest Thanks much need of your thoughts


rae - April 14

my last doc visit she couldn't hear the heart beat so they did a us. The baby was fine. She that it was normal not to worry and we'll try again next visit. I did some reading and again it said it was normal.


HP - April 14

At 10 wk, the doc couldn't hear the heartbeat thru doppler. He did then do u/s and saw the fetus moving, with normal HB. At 15 wk yesterday we heard the HB for the first time with doppler, it was faint, and measured 145.


citrouille - April 14

It could have been that the baby was turned in the wrong direction. At 14 weeks my doctor had to really push hard on my belly to hear the hb then at 16 weeks it was much easier.. Don't forget that your little one is still very small. I'm sure things are fine, you'll see on Friday when you go back!


Maleficent - April 14

it was a long time before we heard the heart beat with this baby, turns out i have an anterior placenta that was blocking everything.


Julie - April 14

don't worry the doc tried hearing the heartbeat for me at 12 weeks and we couldn't hear it so they did an ultrasound and there was the little baby bouncing around.


Emma - April 18

it was normal


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 18

I had the same problem at my 13 wk visist, but my awesome Dr. will never let you leave feeling like this. He immediately did a sonogram to rea__sure me. And there was the baby, wiggling all over the place.


nelly - April 18

my first visit to here the hb we could barely hear anything. then at my second visit It took a while to find it he finally did and it was so low nearly "down there" turns out I have a low lying placent and that was why.Now im 27 weeks and have no problem hearing it, the baby is very healthy.good luck!!



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