Can T Gain Weight 16 Weeks

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B - November 25

I am 16 weeks pregnant and I am losing weight. I started at 218 (5'11") and am at of Thurs. does anyone have the same problem???


don't worry - November 25

you'll gain weight soon. I didn't gain anything at all until a week ago... I'm 19 weeks now.


Shawna E. - November 25

I weighed just 4 pounds less than you before pregnancy, and at my last doctor's appointment (I was 20 weeks), I had only gained 3 pounds. And that was in one week... before that I had lost weight. I think that when we are already heavier, our bodies adjust differently than what is quoted in books. Has your doctor expressed concern? Mine didn't, because (presumably) I already had plenty of reserves for my baby. The weight I lost int_tially seemed to come from my thighs and face, and the little I have gained just recently has all been belly. I know a lady (also overweight) who is due in early January, and she has only gained 9 pounds total after a large loss early in pregnancy. It seems that pregnancy is different for everyone!


j - November 26

I was 220 (5'10") before I got pregnant and lost 17 pounds due to morning sickness. I am almost 15 weeks and the weight loss is starting to slow. I am starting to feel better and have been eating more. Most of my weight came off of my b___t, thighs, and face too. I agree with the other post that being heavier our bodies must pull from our reserves. My doc is not worried at all. At least this way if we gain the recommended 15-25 pounds then we wont have much to lose to be right back where we started!!


jennifer - November 26

yeah i too lost 15 pounds due to morning sickness. it got soo bad. i couldnt hold anything down and I even had to go to the hospital to get rehydrated. it gets better though! im now 15 weeks and though i still nausious from time to time, i am able to hold food down and put the weight back on and then come. Trust me it will get better just have faith!


jennifer - November 26

oops meant and then some lol



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