Can T Get Enough

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Hormonal - October 4

I'm sorry if this is TMI for some people but I need to know if this is normal. I can't seem to get enough s_x. I am @14 weeks and lately it is all I think about or want. My poor husband never gets any rest!!!! Anyone else go through this?


CJ - October 4

I wish!! lol I'm the complete opposite. I've heard that happens from friends!! I'm 13 weeks, hopefully things will start looking up next week


to Hormonal - October 4

Yeah I wish too. I am 21 weeks and have not wanted to be touched by my hubby at all. I feel terible but when I give it up (ok sorry tmi) its only cuz I am being nice to him! I thought the second trimester was supposed to be the "honeymoon trimester" not for my poor hubby!


Sonia - October 4

My second trimester I can not stop begging him. You're lucky your husband at least does it, my boyfriend will not give in!!! I'm thinking I should probably sedate him and take advantage hehe.


hey Sonia - October 4

If the sedation thing doesn't work, might I recommend getting a Rabbit Pearl Deluxe. If I had one of these from the beginning I might not even be pregnant! stock up on your batteries.


Kate and Baby - October 4

I am 24 weeks and I haven't had any good love for about 2 months. I am the opposite of you. It is painful to me or atleast in my head it is painful. I just don't have the drive. I feel really bad for my husband but I TMI don't forget about him. I have been thinking about investing in a toy just to see if that might do the trick an get my s_x drive rolling. I told my husband I was going to get one this weekend and he said he didn't mind. B4 he wasn't comfortable with me having one. LOL Good luck ladies


xox - October 5

i too, can't get enough! my hubby just laughs and we find ways around the growing belly (i'm 25 weeks). the belly is getting quite round, i'm sure that soon we will have to get more creative. ladies that aren't feeling it right now, hope you feel it soon, but i think some of us might be doing it enough for all of you too! :)


Lisa - October 5

I really want it as well, but it's painful for me. It's like I shrunk down there...strange.


cecile - October 5

oh girl gess what i love to get my freak on as well can,t get enough somtimes when my boyfriend isn,t there i use my d____o and play with my self my favorate movie now is p___n am i a bad grl?



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