Can T Get It Right

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cmfqueens - June 20

UGH! No matter what I do lately I just can't get comfortable. Especially after I eat dinner I must lay down within 15 minutes or else I start to get crampy and very short of breath! I'd swear this kid weighed like 5 pounds already... I feel like all my room is being taking up, my belly starts to get tight and I probably move around for like 10 minutes before finding a half way decent position to lay in. And I find my self constantly resorting to laying on my back. Is anyone else experiencing this extreme uncomfortness?


cmfqueens - June 20

Oh and when is it so to say not safe to lay on your back anymore?


venus_in_scorpio - June 20

how far along are you? now is a good time to get into the habi of laying on your (preferably left) side. I have a 5 foot body pillow I got at Wal Mart for like $10. i feel all c___ppy after i eat too ex cept i get heartburn because NOTHING in my body digests. it feels like my metabllism has completely stopped. i hope u can get comfy! :oI


cmfqueens - June 20

I'm 22 weeks. I have heard the left side thing. I do try my hardest to not lay on my back but its so hard!!!! Why the left side? I have one of those body pillows too, but its seems to be too bulky and with me and the pillow and poor hubby he ends up on the couch. (hehe) Sometimes I just want to scream in frustration!!


jesnewmomagian - June 20

I am feeling the same way sometimes I'llI just skip a meal and eat pickles so I don't feel so uncomfortable. But I have found that soup helps and an extra pillow to make me more inclined helps sometimes


KLT - June 21

Yeah but pickles have sodium which will end up bloating you if you are anything like me..and attempt to eat the whole jar! haha. I have the same problems too though. I was at a prenatal cla__s yesterday and they were showing pictures of how your organs shift when the baby fills up your belly...and the gets shoved waaaay up top...leaving no room to expand like normal. I find I end up on my back during the night too..and just have to roll over..which is another feat in itself. I've also heard of the left side thing..but prefer the right. If I could get a lazy boy chair...i'd probably end up sleeping in it all night! Right now, I find the couch is way more comfortable than the hubby gets the whole bed to himself. I've considered the body pillows but haven't gotten around to getting one yet..I just prop regular pillows around me..and between my legs. Maybe what you can do is eat dinner earlier in the night, that way your body has time to digest and get a little more comfy..and eat smaller more frequent meals...and don't drink fluids while you eat..cause that adds to the bloating.


mandee25 - June 22

I love my body pillow and I still have trouble getting comfy in bed at 19 weeks. I am a chronic toss and turner too and I cannot stay on one side too long. There is no way I could stay the whole night on my left side.


AmyF - June 22

Really KLT? I'm surprised today at how I don't have an appet_te at ALL. I know they say the WORST thing is to skip a meal, so I just had some toast. Hm... also DH bought me a pregnancy pillow ( for $50) and it's the BEST thing EVER. I still have to use an older squishier body pillow to lift up my hips because they've been going sore/numb but other than that- at least for now I've found both body pillows help out loads. The past two nights, I've just slept on the one thinner body pillow and had the blankets/regular pillows all around me in a fort. (my beagle thought it was THE BEST sleeping in a mound of softness... I don't think I ever heard her snore THAT loud LOL)


AmyF - June 22

I eat every 3 hours or so- just a small meal. Nothing huge.


KLT - June 22

AmyF, I don't think it'll kill you to skip a meal..I don't think i've been as good as i'm supposed to be as far as eating 6 meals a day as they tell me I should. When i'm at work..I find it hard to snack on anything...probably bad. BUT, I did manage to bring some cherrios, I didn't know I liked them! haha. I also drink a big gla__s of Carnation Instant Breakfast in the morning....good stuff...chocolate flavored and you get all kinds of vitamins and proteins and it lasts me thru the morning (in addition to my breakfast).


Taffy - June 23

I suffered the same thing for several weeks then suddenly it got better. I guess baby had moved to a different position and relieved my stomach. I had such a hard time that at one point I was living on nearly all liquid diet. I tried the Carnation liquid breakfasts but they made me really sick. Eventually I discovered Ensure shakes that were easy to drink and tasty. The even do a range called Healthy Mom. I hope it gets better for you. I'm sure things will improve, at least for a while until late 3rd trimester when I expect it to come back with avengance!


cmfqueens - June 26

Ah yes the third trimester, what we all have in store. (lol) I do remember that all to well. huh I guess I should not be complaining now and save it till then (haha).


Perl - June 26

I had that horrible discomfort for several days last week after eating my meals too. I make sure to eat about 1/2 of what I would normally eat or less and pack up the rest to eat later after at least a couple of hours. That tightness and crampy feeling is the worst . I try to stretch gently. I read somewhere that lying on the left side is about keeping our weight off of some major big organs like the liver which is on the right side.


luvacuppajoe - June 28

I think that they tell us to sleep on our left sides is to allow more blood flow to the uterus. Laying on the right puts pressure on the vena cava, the big vein which drains blood away from the heart to the rest of the body. I know I feel a lot more comfortable on my left now, which I'm glad for.


christa0120 - June 29

The aorta is what transports the blood from the heart to the rest of the body...the vena cava returns blood from the body to the heart. Both lie midline although the vena cava is slightly off to the right of the aorta.


luvacuppajoe - June 29

Right you are, christa. Sorry for the confusion.


18wbabynov - July 1

i have a HUGE issue with trying to get comfy... i was trying to find one of those body pillows... but the ones at babies r us are insanly EXPENCIVE! like, 35-50 bucks... NO WAY. i find the same thing after eating too... im only 20 weeks, and wasnt expecting it to get like this so soon, but after eating i really need to lay down for a while so i dont feel like my stomachal region is going to explode with anguished crampyness....



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