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srigles - July 11

Hi, I'm 19 1/2 weeks, and am having a really hard time peeing. I have to go CONSTANTLY, and even as bad as I have to go, very little comes out. This has been going on for about five weeks, on and off. First I was put on Amoxcil at the clinic for a UTI, and it got better. Then it came back, so I went to ER and they put me on Keflex. It got better, then it came back. This time I was put on Macrobid for a "suspected" UTI (the dipstick showed a very slight infection), and although I still have no relief from the antibiotics after five days, my urinalysis came back totally normal! It's really frustrating, not to mention painful. And I really hate being on these meds, even though I've been assured they're safe. Has anyboday had this?


Deirdra - July 11

IM the same way, but i havent had a UTI. Just having to pee all the time and sometimes not even being able to go...i asked my doctor and he said its just the pressure on my bladder, causeing false feelings...i feel for ya hunni...all the way.,..


Dee - July 11

I have had the pain and constant feeling that I have to go as well and when I go only a dribble I know it is so misrable. Like Deidra said it is pressure on your bladder. I also wonder if it is the baby laying on my bladder. When at home and I get this awful feeling I lay on my side and it seems to either relive the pressure or causes the baby to move whatever it is it seems to work. I usually have to lay on my side about 15 min. then I'm fine. Good Luck


tndrlvn - July 11

i have had the same for a few weeks now, then last week i went for an ultra sound,,,,,and saw baby KICKIN MY BLADDER!!!! hahah. I think this is why i have to go often but nothing comes out......or very little...I'm sure all is ok


srigles - July 12

Thanks a lot everyone! Glad to know it's not just me! :) I was worried that I might have had some strange condition that was hurting the baby. (Because I've heard UTI's can lead to preterm labour). Guess I am normal after all - who knew? :) Thanks for all the info....


Perl - July 12

Recently on my hourly trips to the batthroom, I have had to give a little squeeze at the end for more to come out. I've never had to do that before. In the middle of the night, I feel a lot of pressure on my bladder like it's going to explode but then not a whole lot comes out. But when I asked my Dr if it was normal she said yes and it will get worse. I have not had to take any meds yet so I'm sorry to hear that you do but I think it's more common than you'd think.


Taffy - July 12

I've had increasing problems peeing. I did find a couple of tricks though that might help you. In the earlier months I had to lean forward to use the weight of my uterus pushing against my bladder to totally empty it. I'm now 26 weeks and can't lean forward in the same way any more. The problem now seems to be because I'm carrying back kiddo has a foot of something on the urethra (tube from the bladder) so all I can do is trickle. I started (through desperation) to lift my bump up gently and then I'm able to go. I a__sume I'm lifting the weight enough to relieve the pressure. Give it a try, no one will see you!



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