Can T Wait To Find The Baby S Sex

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flipthea - February 15

HI. I'm new to this forum. I am 13 weeks preggo. I wanted to try to see if we can find out the s_x of the baby at 16 wks. My doc said to wait til 20 wks. I wonder if my insurance won't pay for it if i get one done at 16 wks. I'm an ultrasound tech and usually u can find out the s_x after 15 wks, if the positioning is right. I think I might try to look on my own as well.


jenshim - February 15

flipthea, you are an ultrasound tech? Are you trained to do the nuchal translecency ultrasound? My tech told us with much certainty (and it was very obvious) at 12w4d that we are having a boy. It's not too early before 15 weeks. All of my friends found out in the 11-14 week range. All were right. Good luck!


mamaof3 - February 15

Hi~ I found out at 11 weeks with 2 of my boys, so I'm sure if the baby is in the right position you can find out.


flipthea - February 15

The nuchal translucency test looks at the folds in the baby's back of the head. U can determine the baby's risk for Down's syndrome and other chromosomal problems. I don't do OB bec. right now, although I learned it. It's hard when something is wrong w/ a baby and u can see it in ultrasound and u aren't supp. to say anything. I do mainly vascular and general ultrasound now. I guess I can try to look now since I'm 13 wks. It's just that the baby is still small and the genitals are also very small and hard to see at this time. Oh yeah and also the baby has to be positioned right.


aliciavr6 - February 15

I know that some of the 3D/4D places will do it at 15 weeks, so you should be able to see.


Allisonc79 - February 16

I would just try it at 16 weeks. I doubt insurance will cover it though, mine didn't and so we are waiting till our 20th week to find out. Which is in exactly two weeks. It has taken some patience though! Anyway when you start feeling the movements s_x becomes less important your just happy he/she is there.



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