Can They Tell The Gender

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May - November 10

I am 14weeks 5 days, I have a sonogram today. Has any one ever had an ultrasound/sonogram this early and they were able to tell what the gender of the baby was?


M - November 10

about 16 weeks is the earliest... but don't worry... seems like just yesterday I was 14 weeks, & now I'll be going for my "gender" guess u/s in a few more days


Jessica - November 10

Thats not true M, they very well may be able to detrmine the gender. A lot of people have found out the s_x at this time. Good luck and let us know!!


M - November 10

Jessica, who's "a lot of people"? My doctor & other ob/gyns of friends who have been preg recently, plus the abundance of literature I've educated myself with have all agreed that it's next to impossible to tell so early through a routine ultrasound.


Lindsay - November 10

It depends on the sonogram machine and the skill of the person reading the sonogram. There is a company that does sonograms for gender recognition at 10 weeks and can tell with near 100% accuracy. Most sonogram machines and technicians are not so reliable at guesses that early, although they are still capable of it. You also have to understand that there are a lot of crazy mothers out there and technicians have been yelled at or badmouthed for making wrong guesses, given disappointed glares for not being able to read it clear enough, etc, so a lot of these people are already extremely defensive when you come in for a sonogram, they don't know how you'll act towards them, and some are even scared you'll run out an abort if the s_x isn't what you desired. So just be warm and friendly when you go, and lean in and whisper you'd like their opinion on what it is even if they're wrong, let them know you just want a healthy baby too, they might give you their best guess even if they're very unsure. Of course the position of the baby can completely block any reading of any kind. Good luck!


M - November 10

Um, you seem to be missing that this is a regular ol' sonogram. The special sonograms are done in high risk cases.


Lindsay - November 10

she's having one at 14 weeks, thats an unusual time to have one unless there's risk or she discovered her pregnancy at an extremely late date and didn't know when she conceived. I a__sumed she'll either be going to a diagnostic medical center for it or is paying for her own, in which case, she has access to the nicer and newer machines. They can tell on plain nice machines, with the baby's cooperation, just not on the c___ppy old ones.


Taryn - November 10

We found out at 13 weeks that our baby is a boy b/c I was sent to a high risk OB and her machine was very high tech compared to the regular OB office...she told me not to buy anything blue though until I came back 4 weeks later and she confirmed 100 percent BOY...she could zero in on his little male parts that soon, it was so crazy...


Jessica - November 10

M, it looks like you are wrong because it is far far from impossible. Taryn Congartulations on your little boy!! I am also having a little boy who is due in March!!! When are you due?


M - November 11

14-week sonos happen quite often. Depends on your doctor & your insurance. I had a routine sonogram at 14 weeks, I'm not high risk at all, it was done in the doc's office like MOST pre-Level 2 (i.e., 20-week routine) ultrasounds are, & so it appears that you're incorrect actually.


AMY - November 11



to Amy - November 11

How come you have to wait so long to get this 3rd one when you got to find out so early on the last two? Were they "high risk" by chance, which would have required a special, more-detailed sonogram? Just curious.


nag - December 7

Lindsay, you have told about a company does sonogram at 10 weeks and they predict the gender 100%. Could please let me know that company? I would realy appreciate your help.


TKL - December 8

I agree with some of the other posts. I have had several ultrasounds, not becuase I am high risk but because I know my DR. and they are very accomodating. I was told at 14 weeks it looks like a boy and my sister who head radiologist at USA Hopsital told me that it depends on the equipment, the tech, and the babies position but it is possible to determine at 14 weeks! Stop being so nasty M!


Tess - December 8

I think it way too early to find out the baby's gender...Earliest can be is 16 or 18 wks. But don't quote me on that.


momm4 - December 10

They may be able to make an educated guess at this point, but you might want to hold off on shopping! I read the best time was between 20 and 24 weeks, as it is almost always obvious by then. I'm still counting the days!(2 more weeks) I had a friend who was told it was a boy at 18 weeks, turns out what looked like a p___s was actually part of the umbilical cord...She had about $200 worth of baby clothes to return when she found out it was actually a girl during an ultrasound at 24 weeks!


Heather L - December 14

Yes the BEST time to find out (because baby is bigger and the genitals are completely formed and baby moves more) is around the 20wk ultrasound. But ladies, stop fighting about it. If you search on GOOGLE for how early you can tell, there was a study done ( that: "At 12 weeks the accuracy of gender a__signment was 98.7% and at 13 weeks the accuracy was 100%. There was incorrect a__signment of males as females in 3% at 12 weeks and no females a__signed as males after 12 weeks."



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