Can You Drink Pop

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dina - August 17

is pop okay to drink when pregnant? if so how much pre day? will it cause any harm?


Nise - March 2

Dina, With my first child I drank Dr. Pepper constantly. I didn't even want to eat, just drink Dr.P. But the baby had caffine withdrawls for about two weeks. My doctor told me that 3 serving were ok (that's 3- 6oz gla__ses or 1and a half 12 oz cans per day) Water is your best bet. Plus, if you need flavor try Gatoraid or Kool-aid, yeah there's lots of unnecessary sugar but no caffine. The doctor told me that caffine was a drug just like any other and you need to limit your intake. Hope I helped.


Barbara - March 2

Also try Sprite, or colored pop like orange or straawberry. They also have no caffine.


Maureen - April 5

A nice alternative to Pop, that I do is drink a sparkling water like Perrier, or Montcalm, or Sanpeligrino and squeeze some lemon, as much as you want, into the drink. Yum, yum. And now that I'm pregnant, it's very strange but the lemon dosn't taste sour anymore, instead, it actually tastes sweet and alittle tart. You can try this with lime as well. And of course there is no caffine.


kf - August 8

I found the same thing with lemon!! lol I can actually drink lemon juice like right out of the bottle lol


Janet - August 17

Root Beer is also naturally caffiene free. I habve been living on diet root beer and water. lol


claire - November 15

I am confused what is POP?


To Claire - November 16

Are you serious??? OMG! Get out more girlfriend!


RE: Nicki - November 16

Shows what you know! Pop is a "northern" term for soda. some people!


Re: Nicki - November 17

I believe we can all tell who the dumb one is.....


Lucy - November 17

I used to provide nutrition counseling to pregnant women and am now pregnant myself. Unfortunately, soda is not the best choice of beverages. Supposedly, one cup of a caffeinated beverage per day is okay. Caffeine speeds up your heartbeat, as well as, your baby's. It has also been found to increase the risk of miscarriage. The sweeteners found in diet sodas also increase this risk. You may want to have caffeine-free soda. Also, since nutrition is more important while you're pregnant, keep in mind that soda contains no nutritive value...just "empty calories" unfortunately. Sorry for the bad news.


Desiree - November 18



bry - November 30

too much caffeine is not good, but even soda that does not have caffeine can make you gain a lot of unnecessary weight


eyebeeablessing - December 1

Definately stay awy from those that are considered diet.. "Soda's or Pop's " Aspartame is not good for pregnancy."


jamie - December 1

Because soda has caffine it's not good to drink alot.It also cause alot of weight gain.My doc said only two cups of coffee so i think it would be the same for soda.I only have one cup of coffee and one of soda sometimes per day,


Amber - December 6

I live in TX and we call it Coke. Any carbinated beverage is a Coke. I was told by my doctor that drinking 2 cokes a day would be fine!


bee - January 11

in south Florida, we called it coke, no matter what carbonated beverage it is. It is coke. Now, in AZ it is soda.



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