Can You Feel Your Uterus

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Laura - May 23

Hi ladies! I'm 16 weeks pregnant on Wed. and read that your uterus moves above your pelvic bone around this time. I was wondering if any of you can feel the difference? If so, what does it feel like?


Sarah - May 23

Im 13 weeks, and my midwife said that my uterus is starting to move above my pelvic bone(which she said was normal because im very thin). She showed me what she was talking about and how she could feel it. Now I can feel the difference. For me, it feels very firm above the bone. The way I feel it is when I lay on my stomach. I put my hand where the pelvic bone is, and can feel it that way the best. Very unconfortable I must say! :)


Audrea - May 24

I am 20 weeks and I can feel my uterus right at my belly b___ton. It is very easy to feel if there is not too much fat on top. I am thin so it is easy for me to feel it. It feels really firm underneath the soft squishy fat layer on top of it. Ask your doc to show you how to feel for it next time you go in.


Jbear - May 24

It feels like a muscular ridge. You can feel it regardless of the fat you carry. I weigh 260 and I can feel it easily.


Catherine - May 24

Jbear and Audrea, what do you mean by a muscular ridge? I feel something directly behind my belly b___ton that feels like little ridges, like when I run my hands over it it feels like all these little lines. Also, it is very hard underneath my belly b___ton and it almost hurts to press too hard. Right above my pelvic bone I feel something somewhat similar in terms of the ridges/lines, but it's not as hard. I just wonder which is which! Thanks for your input.


Catherine - May 24

P.S. Can any of you feel something very distinctly especially around your belly b___ton and right above it? Mine is so hard! When I feel above the belly b___ton it's like something is protruding from there! Anyone else feel the same thing?


Jbear - May 24

Sometimes it feels like my baby is parked right behind my belly b___ton. That could be the hardness you're feeling. The ridge of the uterus is what your doctor feels for when they measure fundal height. If you're 20 weeks, it should be at your belly b___ton, earlier it will be below, and later it will be above.


Amy - May 24

I thought those ridges were just fat,lol, Do they run side to side. have been feeling those ridges for weeks but just thought they were fat


Mythili - May 24

I wish I knew how to feel the ridge of the uterus. I just don't know what to look for.


D - May 24

To feel mine, I just lay on my back (sometimes it helps to dangle your legs off the edge of the bed) and start pressing on my belly, starting lower, and working my way up. It feels pretty firm - sometimes lumpy because of what stretches the baby is up to! :) but all of a sudden, it will kind of round off, and then the belly is soft... That rounding off is the ridge the other ladies are talking about.



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