Can You Share Your Experiance With Epidural Or C Section

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javidsgirl - February 17

h__lo, i would really like to hear your experiances i am so nervous about the edipdural i have heard horrible stories and i just would like to hear the good and the bad. but my ob also has put c section on the table because i am a high risk for preeclampsia so i would like to hear your experiances about that as well. thanks for taking the time for sharing with me .tanya


javidsgirl - February 17

thanks so much suze you put a mind at ease a bit. i guess i am just a ball of nerves because this is my first.


suze42 - February 17

its so normal to be nervous! Just try not to let the delivery consume you...its such a small part of motherhood...just a blip on the screen when all is said and done. I just always told myself that woman have done it for years. And that the baby had to come out no matter what!! LOL. Oh and I read a million birth stories always searchng for the perfect one where the mom had no pain and it lasted only 20 minutes! LOL.


c_baer19 - February 17

The episiotomy/tearing is what scares me most!


javidsgirl - February 17

what do you mean by tearing?


Tammy276 - February 17

My experience with the epidural was GREAT!!! I was having some crazy contractions so I honestly don't even remember them sticking the epidural in. I felt a little bit of pressure,but it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I do want to try and do it natural this time, but if I can't I am definately getting the epidural again...I had a fast labor the first time, so if this one is the same I may not get it... "tearing" means that your perineal area may tear during delivery. Sometimes they will give you the episiotomy (cut you), and if they don't, you take the chance that you will tear. some tears aren't that bad others can be pretty bad. I had a stage 2 tear which they cla__sify the same as an episiotomy cut.


javidsgirl - February 17

thanks ladies i really appreicate this


suze42 - February 17

if you have the epidural you wont feel the tear or least not until afterwards! Seriously, epidurals rarely hear of anyone who had one, not wanting one again! lol.


Mommiex20803 - February 17

Hey well my experience with an epidural was good...i was BEGGING the doctor to give it to me lol ! well when i was in labor right before i got my epidural...i went to about 4 cm. and i started having bad labor pains right and back so honestly i didnt feel the needle at all and when they started the felt like ICE cold water in your back which honestly felt good...and i know some people who have back problems or bad troubles with epidural but honestly i was perfectly fine, and after my epidural i felt NO contractions which was awesome! i got to sleep and be comfortable vs. being miserable and in pain so honestly im for epidurals!! good luck with your pregnancy and labor!!


Mommiex20803 - February 17

hey its me again lol i was reading some other replies and yeah tearing SUCKS! no one asked me if i wanted a episiotomy so i didnt think about it and i tore and let me tell you it sucks healing when you have a tear!! really bad! but if i were you i would get the episiotomy so you dont risk the chance of if you get the episiotomy you'll heal a lot better and have a straighter scar i guess you could say...vs. tearing...but thats my opinion!! good luck


javidsgirl - February 17

thanks Mommiex20803 for that piece of info infact thank you all


suze42 - February 17

Yeah, mommie, from what ive read they say it is now BETTER to get an episiotomy than to have a tear...Experts use to be anti-epsi but now they say the damage can be controlled and heals better. I did not experience this part of delivery thx goodness...I think I preferred the 4 inch insicion in my belly! LOL no sitz baths needed there! It like I say, they get you coming or going! lol


pregnant76 - February 17

You guys have me scared about the epsi vs tearing. Why is an epsi better than tearing?


jodie - February 17

Hi Javidsgirl, I had a epidural with my son. I was more afraid of the epidural than labor itself. I was sooo suprised when it went perfect and didn't even hurt!! Once I had the epidural I was on cloud nine! I also tore and had an episiotimy. Didn't feel either of them because of the epidural...quite nice! The healing wasn't to bad either. I am hoping things go just as well this time too!!


Tammy276 - February 18

pregnant76, an episiotomy just heals better than a tear does....some woman who can an epis. still end up tearing.....some doctors don't feel the need to do an epis. because they feel the patient won't tear, so why cut them if it is unnecessary....My doc. didn't give me one because she didn't think I would tear, which I wouldn't have if my son wouldn't have had his hand by his mouth when he was because his arm was bent, it made him wider which made me tear.......some woman tear really bad, and others barely tear or don't. Really, your doctor will make the best decision at the time as to what they think is best.


moescrilla - February 18

hey tanya- the epidural was a peice of cake, especially since you're having painful contractions- the epidural compared to that feels like nothing at all. As for c-section, It was horrible. It probably would have been better though if I didnt have to go through 15 hours of labor first. But you forget all about it once you have that baby. The recovery is easy, its hard the first few days, just getting around and stuff, but after that theres just some soreness. It will be fine. Trust me, I've forgotten all about it and am having another c-section, lol. I dont prefer a c-section over natural delivery, but I just dont want to risk having to go through another horrible labor to end up having to have a c-section.


suze42 - February 18

moe, I had similar experience w/my it after 24 hrs of labor. I dont think the c was so was the lack of sleep, food and abundance of drugs in my system. But I really didnt realize how hard it was on me til much was my first so I knew nothing else!! I am also having a repeat c, but looking forward to scheduling it, getting plenty of rest and not fasting for 48 hrs!! I know it will be a better this time Plus like you said, you forget about it either way... Good and bad, I cherish the whole experience



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