Cant Feel Movements

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heavenskiss86 - July 13

im 20 weeks and i dont feel anything is that normal?


Maureen - June 14

I think so cuz this is my first baby and I didn't even know how it felt like, and finally felt him at 23 weeks so I think you still have a few weeks before you will feel the Fetus move. I Hope I helped.


juley - June 24

It all depends on many things ,your size , how many children you have had, where your baby is lying and also where your placenta is , if the placenta is low it could be hiding some of the movements you might of felt , but dont worry you will soon feel movements , many women dont feel them till they are about 24 weeks x


charlene rodden - July 13



yari - February 9

my boyfriend and i have had s_x plenty of times and he climaxes inside of me but it seems like i cant get pregnant! does that mean that we are not following the ovulation time or is it that one of us is infertile. pls help tryin 2 get pregrant


:) - February 9

if u have a regular 28 day cycle lol have s_x right the middle,14 days after ur period(14 days before next period) GOOD LUCK! :)


Ann - March 13

My cousins baby died on the 20th week from still birth so get checked


? - March 14

ann,quit saying this sort of thing to people,theres no need for it! i shouldnt worry to much heavenskiss as the others have said,give it time,im sure everythings just fine!


christian - June 11

i think i am 14weeks the reason i said i think is because i cant feel a movement. is it to early to feel anything yet. please help me .And thanks for your help.


Ranya - June 11

Christian, 14 wks is still very early, I started feeling "flutters" @ 15-16 wks and then again I wasn't even sure if it wasn't just *blush* gas, but felt more defined kicks @ 19 wks. It varies from person to person, you feel the movement later if it's your first pregnancy and if you are not on the "slim" side...Heavenskiss86, when was your last ultrasound and don't worry, many women feel movement around week 23...Ann, your cousin was very unlucky and I'm sorry for her, but doesn't mean you should terrify us all, obviously what happened to her is far from being common!


Tara M - June 13

Hi I am 20 weeks and just started feeling movement on friday. But it not strong movement it feels like bubbles in your stomach it's kinda weird. but it's not something real noticable. I notice it more when i lay on my right side. but alot of people dont feel it until 22-25weeks. And ann that is very disturbing to all of us. Because this is my first child and i really don't want people telling me this kinda stuff. I only want to hear good things / not bad things that have happened to other people. And i think that was awful and im sorry but PLEASE don't be telling pregnant people this it's very scary.


Cher - June 13

I am 19 wks and have not really felt alot of movement yet either. This is my 4th and I thought I would be feeling kicks by now! I had a bit of a belly to begin with before this I am thinking that could be why? I have felt the odd flutter but still nothing consistent.


Deb - June 13

This is normal. When I was 20 weeks I only felt movement once a week if that. I rented a baby doppler so I can hear the babys heart beat so I can rest asure that everything is OK!!



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