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beltran1997 - February 26

Hi everyone is me again i bought not the doppler braned name but is one that seems to work. My question is that during the whole weekend i tried to listen to my baby. I didnt seem to hear my baby at all not even my baby's daddy was able to. I thought that maybe the machine that i bought did not work but when used it to find my heart i was able to hear it. Would anyone know where i might be able to put it so i can hear my baby?


c_baer19 - February 26

You have to move it around, and the machine probably came with instructions on how to use it. Sometimes it's difficult to find, the baby moves around in there quite a bit.


Martha2007 - February 26

Hi beltran, move it around near down the belly b___ton. mOve left and right side and leave it there 15 seconds, it will take some time to catch the beat. I am using my dopper from strokradio. I usually test it with full bladder in the morning. try it in the morning.


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

Stork Radio is the best..I've used it too! It picked up the clearest heartbeat (like at the Dr's). However, the store bought brand is usuallt the hardest to hear. It does not sound like the dr's. Try eating a snack then laying down hold the wand over the lowest part of your belly before moving it up. Hope that helps!


beltran1997 - February 26

Thank you i will try that cause i did read the instruction but did not work as good as they say it should. I will also try a full bladder if that also works. Thank you again


lqtoo - February 26

It also depends how far along you are. I am only 14 weeks and my uterus is still hiding a bit behind my pelvic bone. I find if I go right at the point of the pelvic bone, and then angle it downwards, I tend to get lucky with finding the heartbeat that way. I have the Hi BEBE fetal monitor and it has worked pretty well for me.


beltran1997 - February 26

Oh yes i did forget to say how far a long i am. I am close to 18 weeks and i have read a lot all that everyone has put on here. That is where i got to see on what to do or what to do. I went looking for a doppler but not all stores have it but the one i bought was someone that was close to the name brand.


Martha2007 - February 26

At 18 weeks you should be able to listen Heart beat. Did you notice how the doctor was checking the heart beat in your visits?. Check in the same place on the belly where dr found the heart beat in your checkups. Hope this helps..


IrinaZ - February 27

I don't think you should be concerned. The baby moves around a lot. Sometimes, even if you put the doppler in the same place where you heard the heartbeat before - you might get nothing; but try to move to the side and there is your baby! Do you hear any sounds at all? Do you hear your own hearbeat? Or do you hear those whooshing shounds - the bloodflow to your placenta? If you don't hear anything at all, then I would think that there is something wrong with the doppler might be broken


lqtoo - February 28

One good idea to test your doppler is to bring it with you to your next Dr. appointment. Get your Dr. to check for the heartbeat and then put your wand exactly where the heartbeat was found. If you can't hear anything at that point then you can a__sume that the problem is with your doppler, not with you or the baby.



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