Cant Wait To Find Out The Sex

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AmyB - May 31

i am waiting to find out the s_x...i am 18wks 4days and my doc wont do another u/s until i am 21 weeks...i just can not wait it is making my crazy..i have 2 boys so i have all boys clothes but i really want a girl and i see so many cute things to buy if it were a girl...anyone else waiting anxiously?


andrea2 - May 31

I AM! I have two girls. I have plenty of girl stuff. But I would like to have a boy. I'm 16 weeks. I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow. She will give me a prescription to go and get a sonogram so I probably will have one in the next two weeks. I'm really anxious!


HannahBaby - May 31

Definatly anxious, but at the same time cautious. My girl friend just had a baby boy when they told her at 3 seperate ultrasounds that she was having a girl. They told me boy for this baby but werent totally sure (they said boy, then girl, then boy) I told my husband that since they were basing it on what they thought to be t______es, im waiting until i see a p___s to buy ANYTHING. I have a 4d ultrasound coming up in 2 months so then i will definatly know what im having.


AmyB - May 31

yeah with my first child they told me i was having a girl until i was 8 months pg and then said oh no honey this is a boy look! i was devistated, not that i was having a boy but this was the first grandbaby on both sides and we had already had a shower and i had lots of pretty pink dresses in the closet! luckily, we had did the nursrey in pooh so that was versitile! lol...anyhow so i know they are not always acurate but i am still wanting a peak!


cmfqueens - May 31

I'am beyond excited!!!! I have an u/s for this Friday 6/2/06. I have been feeling the baby move quite a bit in the afternoon and evenings, so hopefully he/she will cooperate! I had alittle scare with bleeding about 5 weeks ago and they did a u/s and we saw everything but the s_x, fingers. toes, belly b___ton. nose, etc! so we'll see... I really don't know what I'm hoping for as long as it is healthy! This will be my last pregnancy! I'll keep you posted right here come Friday! Good Luck To all of You!!!!!!!!! I hope you get what you want.


Jen - May 31

AmyB, have you looked on the chinese gender chart. I know it is just for fun. This is my first and it said it is a boy and the sonogram agreed LOL. I'd look at it just for kicks.


AmyB - May 31

yeah it says girl! everything says girl and that would be great since i have 2 boys but i dont want to get my hopes up!


sophandbob - May 31

I think you should prepare yourself for the fact that it may be a boy, that way you might not feel as disappointed.



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