Carbon Monoxide In My House

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EM - April 6

Hi ladies, I'm soooo stressed out. We live in a 1938 CCC house in a national park which sounds great but they are not up to date with current codes. So we've been trying to get the park to move us to a different house all winter since the furnace is ancient and the pilot light keeps going out. A couple months ago when we would re-light the furnace the CO detecter (which the idiots have mounted up high on the wall) would go off. Assuming it was the furnace gas we quit using it alltogether and just heated with our fireplace and space heaters. Well, we complained again to maintenance about our furnace so they sent another guy out, then that guy called another guy and long story short its actually our gas water heater which is not vented properly that is causing the pilot light to go out and spreading gas all over the place. As soon as the guy walked in with the detector it was reading 10ppm and in the hall it was 19ppm. He explained that at 10 we need to really do something. SO I went to the hospital this morning to get a blood test to make sure the baby wouldn't be harmed and thankfully it came out 0 but I'm still so stressed over this. We have to stay in a trailer now until they can punch a hole in our roof above the water heater to vent it. On top of all this the park has been accusing us of making things up just because we want to move into a bigger house!


Been There - April 6

I guess I don't understand. Why is it the park's responbility? Do you or your spouse work for them and they provide yoru with the housing?


EM - April 7

Yes my husband is a ranger and we RENT the house from them. They maintain all the housing within the park. We are paying to live there and its basically not livable conditions.


Been There - April 7

Oh, then you really need to press the issue. You don't even own the house. Don't they know you can sue them for that?


EM - April 10

Unfortunately it would be a waste of time and money trying to sue the government. BUT, now that my dh went over maintenance's heads right up to the superintendent of the park and the safety officer, they are being oh so nice to us. They offered to put us up in a hotel or another house until they can fix the problem. They are either going to vent the water heater or put in an electric one. Hopefully we'll be back in our own home by the end of this week.



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