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Adria - June 15

I just received an email about pregnant women and cats. Pass this on! Cats and Toxoplasmosis June 15, 2005 Pregnant women can keep their cats and avoid toxoplasmosis by taking extra precautions with litter box duties. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that's dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Cats can spread the disease through their feces. Pregnant women can eliminate their risk by leaving litter duties to others. If that's not an option, they can wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after cleaning the box.


Stephanie - June 15

Thats what I do everyday! I love my baby cat!!! I try to tell everyone but they just don't want to listen! :o)


Robyn - June 15

I've never heard anywhere that you'd need to get rid of your cat - just either have somebody else do the litter or be extra cautious.


Cora - June 15

Toxoplasmosis is only contracted thru feces from outdoor cats. It comes from eating infected mice and birds. A pregnant woman has better chances of contracting toxo by eating raw meat such as pork or lamb, or by eating dirt from out in the garden, where such critters as mice and birds may have been in contact with it.


Cora - June 16

common sense though after you clean a cats litter box whether they be indoor or outdoor cats....dont stick your hands in your mouth....and wash your


minx - June 16

You can also develop immunity. I have always been a cat owner since I was 4 or 5 --yeah, guilty as charged for kissing them and having them all around me ( cute little monsters) thru these years. I was recently tested for toxoplasmosis and it turned out negative. I never liked doing the cat's pooh box anyway. When I was younger it was my Dad. Now, it's my boyfriend...and I'd always been aware of good hygiene and do things 'automatically' like washing hands after playing rough with the cat ( cat nibbling/biting/licking/scratching) and staying away from the cat just after it's been to the toilet ( of course) :-).


seriously - June 16

You just found about that now?



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