Caught Off Guard Emotionally

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JenC - January 19

Hello all! I had an US 3 weeks ago to find out the gender of my baby, and the technician would not reveal! Frustrating. However, I had my follow up appointment this morning and I can't express how emotional this experience was. I'm sure all mom's out there know and feel that it doesn't matter what the baby is, as long as it's healthy, but we all have a feeling of what it is. Well, I was wrong. I thought it was a boy and it's a girl! I instantly began to cry at the thought of having a little girl and the face of my husband made me so much more emotional. He is so proud and excited to be the father of a little girl. I am so overwhelmed with excitement and surprise that I wanted to share with all of you how amazing this experience was. I would have reacted the same if it was a boy, but just knowing that the baby is not an "it" anymore, makes it all so much more real. Good luck to all of you and I hope your pregancies are happy and healthy!


jessicaspatherapist - January 19 just made me tear up after reading your post......i'm so happy for you, your dh and you daughter to be!!! i can't wait to find out!!!


lily10 - January 19

Congrats on your baby girl!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have my ultrasound scheduled for 01/24 and I hope to find out the s_x. Just like you I have a feeling I'm having a boy, it's more like I'm convinced I'm having a boy. I'm so happy for both you and your husband!! Do you have any names picked out for her yet??


Kelly11 - January 19

That is so incredible and I know the EXACT feeling you are having right now! Dh and I just found out last Friday that our instincts were both wrong in that we were certain we were having a girl, but it ended up being a boy and the look on my hubby's face was priceless. We both are still on cloud nine from it and the whole thing about it not being an "it" anymore I can completely relate to you with!!! Thank you for sharing your story with us and congrats on your precious girl : )


JenC - January 19

I hope that they tell you too! I was very frustrated that the tech wouldn't give us any hints, but I completely understand why. And, honestly, the wait made it that much better! We have a few names picked out but I really think it's important to see the person before naming them. We have Mea and Sadie on our list so far, but I'm sure now that the field is cut in half, we'll add more soon! It's crazy, I'm crying again just because you guys are calling it a "her". It's bizarre for me to feel so emotional.


suze42 - January 19

....and thats why I love finding out the really makes the rest of the pregnancy and your baby feel more real! I respect those that want the surprise, but I have to know...I have my u/s feb 21st and we will be looking for a he or she! Congrats!!!



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