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Eveadel - April 11

Can you advise if you have had one, as I know these carry risks. Thank you in advance


Evonna - April 11

what is a cerclages?


Eveadel - April 11

Stiching of the cervix


amyn - April 11

I personally haven't had one, but my coworkers daughter-in-law had that done and she delievered a healthy baby girl. I don't recal him saying she had complications, plus she has a 3 year old and her husband was away on buisness most of the pregnancy. I know this probably doesn't help much but hope it gives you ease of mind.


Audrey - April 11

A friend of mine had three miscarriages. The last one was in her 26th week. The baby lived for two hours and died in her arms. She was devastated. The doctors diagnosed her (too late), and told her that if she got pregnant again, then at the 12th week they wanted to perform a cerclage. She got pregnant, they sewed her shut, and she delivered a full term baby girl. She has since had another child, with the help of the cerclage. Sometimes, our bodies just need a little help. If you are need of one, get it. If you don't, you might go through the painful experience that my friend did. Hope this helps!


Cevinup - April 12

Hey Eveadel...I myself had a cerclage put in 3 weeks ago. Its a scary thing to think about...it does carry risks. I went into premature labor at 23 weeks last year. My son only lived for an hour and a half. ..he died in my arms. When I found out I was pregnant again, I was determine to do everything I could to help this baby stay in me!! The way my husband and I looked at it when making the decision about the cerclage...we wanted to do it and not risk going into premature labor again and later regret knowing the fact that we could have done something to prevent it. I have been on light duty for the past 3 weeks and will go into full bed rest in two weeks until the remaining of the pregnancy. I am only 20 weeks right now. Its going to be a long road, but very much worth it. I visit my doctor's office once a week and everything is looking great and I feel great too. If you have any questions, please ask and I would tell you anything I know! Hope this helps.


Eveadel - April 12

Oh god, I feel even more frightened, I cant do anything until I see the doctor and have a scan again tomorrow. Im so sorry to hear you lost your baby cevinup and your friend Audrey. It does not bear thinking about and dont know how I would cope


meme1025 - April 15

My first pregnancy I made it to 21 weeks, unfortunately my water broke and I lost my son at 22 weeks on Aug. 28, 2005, I was devastated. I was told I had an incompetent cervix on top of having PCOS. Determined not give up I spoke with my Dr. about getting pregnant again, he said wait at least one period, I did just that Sept 2005 I got my first period and a few weeks later I never got my second period I waited until about 2 months to test, I found out I was pregnant again in Nov. 2005. At 14 weeks I had a cervical cerclage st_tch put in to support my incompetent cervix. Well today I'm 27 weeks pregnant with another boy and things are going well I was put on bed rest 2 weeks ago to keep pressure off my cervix. My Dr. is watching me carefully he says he will do what ever it takes to get me close to term. Good luck to you all!!! Keep praying.



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