Cervix Pressure

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happpygal - June 5

hi there. I'm 15 weeks and have been feeling some pressure and throbbing in my va___al area...feels like might be my cervix. Anyone know about this? I of course, worry that my cervix is dialating early, but the pressure comes and goes. Your experience would be appreciated. This is my first child after two chemical pregnacies so I guess I'm nervous. Thanks


Kim L - June 5

Totally normal happy gal - i had and still have the same thing at nearly 23 weeks. My OB attributes that throbbing to the stretching of the round ligaments that support the uterus. I was nervous too (after two miscarriages) but it sounds like lots of women have this sensation of throbbing and pressure. I'm sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancies and thrilled to know that this one is going so well!


happpygal - June 5

Thanks for being so supportive, Kim...yeah, so far so good...I'm a bit in shock that I'm over here in "second trimester..." feels like someone else.


Kim L - June 5

I know just exactly what you mean. It was always happening for someone else and not me...It's really nice to be able to celebrate these milestones, especially with other women who have "been there"!


happpygal - June 7

Yeah, the miscarriage trauma creates all kinds of fears, (perhaps neurotic ones) and it seems like every little twinge of something or other sends me into a tailspin.....I run to the internet and look stuff up. A few weeks ago I forgot about Listeria and ate a hotdog at the beach concession stand. That set me back for days, I was sure I put my baby at risk. It's hard just to relax and when everyone says, "oh, enjoy your pregnacy," I feel badly because it's very hard for me to do that yet. I have a baby doppler which really helps ease my worry, hearing that little pitter-patter helps a lot. But then, I worry that the doppler is somehow harmful. I asked my OB about it and he said the soundwaves can not be detected by a human ear....but still, of course, I worry. Anyway.....seems we ARE here, and so far so good, so I'm going to just try and take a deep breath.....take care.


squished - June 7

I eat a hot dog every now and then. My dr. said that it's fine just to make sure that it is heated up until its steaming.


Kim L - June 7

Good for you! I know how difficult it is. I also rented a doppler and it saved me for the first trimester and until I could feel the baby move. What a wonderful thing it is! It's so hard to not worry, but I've got to say, I haven't done anything "by the book" with this pregnancy and it's the healthiest one so far! I've gone tanning, gone skiing, eaten hotdogs, had a gla__s or two of wine, enjoyed coffee occa__sionally, stopped taking my prenatals (thanks to constantly throwing them up) drunk diet soda, you name it. But apart from all the *bad* stuff I also eat mostly healthy food, drink lots of water, exercise, rest, and spend lots of time bonding with baby. Everything in moderation is my philosophy this time around, and it seems to be working out! I'm so glad things are working out for you too. :-) Take good care!


fireflies561 - June 7

Wow its so funny i found this thread because i was going to ask the same question! i thought something might be wrong. thanks kim l for your imput! i also had a m/c in november and i am just a nervous reck. im 14 weeks and 5 days and am just so thankful that im here!


Kim L - June 8

WOO HOO fireflies! Congratulations! So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. :-( My second one was in November as well, at Thanksgiving. So awful...doesn't it feel great to be in the second trimester forum?!? Ha! Good luck to you and take care.



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