Chapped Lips Anyone

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frustrated - November 18

I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant and ever since getting pregnant, I've gotten chapped lips really bad 3 times now. I normally get chapped lips about once a year and am always consistent about using chapstick to keep my lips moisturized. But this problem keeps coming back every month or so. I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with the hormonal changes in my body. Anybody else with the same problem?


Tess - November 18

I am too having the same problem. I heard from my friend that if you're getting chapped lips you need water?? So, Im starting to drink as much as I can atleast.......I always keep myself plenty of water.......but its seems like its part of the weather too. (i think???)


mls - November 18

I'm 5 months pregnant and have noticed an more severe case of chapped lips this year as well. thought it had to do with the whether, but you may be onto something. I'm going to start trying to drink more water as well, see if that helps.


frustrated - November 18

I thought it might have been the weather, too. But I've gotten chapped lips when it's 100 degrees in August and now when it's 30 degrees in November. I'll work on drinking more water, though. Maybe that will help. The only downside.....the more you drink, the more you pee! And my little bundle of love has learned to kick on mommy's bladder!


Lisa D - November 18

I have them too but I also have a severe case of pregnancy congestion which means I can barely breathe through my nose so I figured my lip issue was a result of having my mouth open all the time. But maybe it is just another wonderful side effect. :-)


19 WKS6DAYS - November 18



Christi - November 18

23 weeks here... lips chapped as ever...I also have very dry hands... need lotion often... weird because I have always been a pretty naturally moisturized


Shannon - November 21

I have been getting dry skin for the last 8 weeks, I am 14 weeks. I started right at the beginning by putting Medicated Lip Balm with Cocoa B___ter on my lips, so I haven't really had a problem with chapped lips. But my skin on my hands and my nose have been dryer than ever! I keep putting cream on but it only helps temporarily. For chapped lips I definately recommend some medicated lip balm, its worked wonders for me. I put it on in the morning on my way to work and I put it on before I go to bed.


well frusterated - November 21

it looks like you are not alone...i too have had really chapped lips off and on for weeks now, and it is driving me nuts! also shannon...that is so weird that you mentioned the dry skin on your nose, i have that as almost feels like it is peeling, but it isnt, and i put facial lotion on daily...which is no differant than my normal everyday routine before pregnancy, and i NEVER had this problem, and like 19 weeks 6 days, i know that i keep hydrated, so who knows what could be causing it, i have an appointment tomorrow, so i will ask my doctor what she thinks could be causing this. good luck to you ladies!


frustrated - November 21

Okay, the best lip balm I've found (and I've been buying every one under the sun!) has been Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment. It doesn't clear up the chapped lips, but put a THICK layer on your lips and it is soothing and provides some relief from the discomfort. I'm going to ask my md for a prescription lip balm if there's one available. Some days I feel like taking my lips off and leaving them somewhere! They can get so excoriated, red, dry, peeling, and sore. I've, also, noticed that my hands and feet are really dry, too. I've been chugging lots of water, but no help! I've just figured this another lovely pregnancy symptom I'll have to put up with until the baby comes out. Oh well........if anyone finds anything that helps, let me know PLEASE! I can't think about going through the entire cold winter with chapped lips!


Andrea - November 23

Yes. Same here I was just thinking it was the weather change I live in Houston,Tx. I get it all the time now but clearing up. I'm 20 wks. and it seems like its getting better. Good luck. Due April 10th


chapstick - November 25

I stopped getting chapped lips, ironically, when I stopped using lip balm/chapstick. At first, my lips bled & were even more chapped, but that went away after a few days, & I've never had a problem since (it's two years later now). I think that stuff has something weird in it that strips the natural moisture from your lips or gets your lips addicted to it somehow. Don't know how else to explain it.


SusanV - October 17

I have chapped lips non-stop and I also drink about 12-15 8oz gla__ses of water a day! My nose is also dry all the time. No idea what is going on there... that's how I found you! 16w2d.


Gretta - October 17

You should try sleeping with a humidifier on in your bedroom at night. That will help the lips, skin and nasal problems tremendously.


Tammy276 - October 17

I am a little over 16w and have had chapped lips since the day I found out I was pregnant....My chapped lips are actually the reason I took a pregnancy test because my friend who is preg. had bad chapped lips in the beginning of her pregnancy and I thought...hmmm. Maybe I'm pregnant... and look at that I am! But mine have gotten worse the further along I get. they cleared up for a while and now are getting really bad again. I don't know what to do anymore, I can't drink anymore water, it is impossible and no matter what kind of chapstick I use, it doesn't help. It must just be something w/ our hormones.


kristamariieee. - October 20

I'm having very chaped lips! I used lip balm which helps for about 25 seconds and then it's right back to dry chapped lips. I hate it. I'm 26 weeks pregnant right now.


chidole - December 2

i rarely have had chapped lips, no matter the time of year, since i have been an adult. i'm now 10 weeks pregant with my first child and my lips have been consistently chapped for the last 3 weeks. oh, joy, oh joy! :) good thing babies are cute and soft.



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