Charley Horse

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Erin - November 15

Hey everyone, I've heard about women saying they get leg cramps at night, but I thought it was something mild that happened later in pregnancy. I'm not very big so I wasn't expecting anything like this to happen, but last night OMG I got the worst charley horse in my calf, I wanted to cry. It eased up within about 30 seconds or so but today it is very sore, like I've been working it out! I'm 25 weeks pregnant, is this happening to anyone else in second trimester?


amy - November 15

im 19 wks and i know your pain!!!Its normal in pregnancy,but im still gonna m ention it to my dr b/c my calves hurt so bad!!! I walk like i need a cane!!


rl - November 15

oh yes I know of this and I hate it it hurts so bad so far with this pregnancy I have only gotten leg cramps twice at night I am 28wks but with my last pregnancy i got them on a nightly basis and I hated it!!


karen - November 15

Oh, wow, this happened to me the other night, but I hadn't heard it was common in pregnancy. It's the first time in my life I've ever had that happen, so I should have guessed. I am not quite 17 weeks.


Erin - November 15

So do you ladies think that it's going to get worse as the pregnancy goes on??


to Erin - November 15

I was in some pain from a charley horse about two weeks ago, but it went away after a few days. The two things that have always seems to help when I had a charley horse (whether pregnant or not) were FLEXING my foot (don't point it! that makes it worse) as soon as I feel the pain, and ma__saging it. But don't ma__sage your ankles or feet, because a ma__sage therapist/acupressurist I know said that can trigger labor contractions. (On that subject, don't apply pressure to the flap of skin btwn your thumb & pointer finger like people tell you to do to alleviate a headache... it has the same effect.) Hope this helps!


ouch - November 15

I learned in my first pregnancy to stretch with my feet flexed instead of pointed. When I forget- I get the charley horse, but I pretty much avoid them by changing that one little thing.


Tiffany - November 15

If stretching before bed doesn't work or you don't remember like me, try ointing your toes up towards your head when you get a leg cramp. Takes away my pain every time


kendall - November 15

i had the same pains that would wake me up at least 3 times a night so i called my doc and he said to take calcium supplements (like caltrate chewables) to drink a lot of water and eat at least one banana a day for the pota__sium, ever since i started eating bananas i havn't had any good luck and congrats


jb - November 15

Oh god, it happened to me last weekend. The have got to be the most painful things! Mine last a few minutes and it was pure torture. It was so sore the next day I could hardly walk. When it was happening, I kept thinking that labor will be worse and I tried to get through the pain.



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