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HannahBaby - June 25

Hi ladies i just wanted to post a link to my piczo site that i just set up a few hours ago. I have pictures of my family (hannah and hubby) and a few of my pregnant self. I set up the site so i can post my 4d ultrasound pics when i have it in july. Here is the link. Remove any dashes :o)


tndrlvn - June 26

nice pic's hun what a beautiful family you have!!!!!!!!!


Erin333 - June 26

Your daughter is absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see pics from the 4d ultrasound, they always look so clear and perfect. Here's my piczo if you want to check it out.


HannahBaby - June 26

Erin your daughter is absolutely adoreable!! I love the pictures of her coloring easter eggs!! I wish i looked like you,. you skinny little preggy!! I am bigger than you are and your 6 weeks ahead of me!!! Great site.


KLT - June 26

Cute pictures! I was checking out that piczo site this weekend..gonna have to set one up myself! Erin333, I graduated from Mason too. In fact, I live really close to it now. : ) HannahBaby, i'm anxious to see the 4d pictures too! My ultrasound pics came out looking pretty c___ppy compared to other ones i've seen from people on here...


mandee25 - June 26

Wow what a cute baby girl you have HannahBaby!!! Do you know what you are having this time around?


mandee25 - June 26

Erin, your family pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. Your little one Taylor is a sweetie.


HannahBaby - June 26

they say boy but arent really sure


Erin333 - June 27

Thanks for the compliment Hannah. I wish I felt as skinny as you think I look. I've gained nearly 20 pounds already and I wasn't underweight to begin with. KLT/ what year did you graduate from Mason? I graduated in 2004.


KLT - June 28

Erin333 - I graduated...shoot, when did I graduate? I think it was 2004 as well. I didn't go the straight 4 years...I was one of those forever students.. Went to Nova (twice), then to VCU for a while, then back up here to Mason. Plus I couldn't go full time b/c I had to work could only take a couple cla__ses here and there.


18wbabynov - June 28

Hey girlz! those sites are sooo cute! i love all the cute little girlies, and it makes me extra excited to have my little girl due in nov.! i dont have cute baby pics yet, but if any of you would like to check out my site: (no dashes or anything in there!)


cmfqueens - June 28

Hey how do you do that? I would love to make one can you please tell me how?


HannahBaby - June 28

go to and it tells you how to do it all



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