Chicken Pox Scare

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tiff - June 22

Am i overreacting ? on the weekend we had a babecue and some uninvited guests showed up with 2 children, 1 that had been diagnosed with chicken pox for the second time ...i was furious (1) because she knows very well i am 14 weeks pregnant and did not even ring to check if i would have a promblem with it (2) she did not care that she could infect me which could have a tragic fate on my unborn baby, not to mention my poor other guests. I stayed right away from the little girl and made sure everything was washed and cleaned properly . Do you think i am overreacting ? I am still a bit worried but am not showing any symptoms ..what do you think about the situation?


Jbear - June 22

Did you already have chicken pox? If you had it as a child, you should be immune to it. Is she sure what her daughter has is chicken pox? It's very unlikely that someone will get it twice. They have a vaccine for it now...I can't imagine why someone would let their child get it, when there's a vaccine. When I was a kid, I remember my mother saying that once all the little clear blisters crusted over, you weren't contagious anymore. Also, it was your home, and if you were that worried about the little girl being contagious, it would not have been unreasonable for you to ask her family to leave.


Christine - June 22

No, you didn't overreact, and you are not now. Not sure if I am correct or not, but I believe there is still a risk to you and baby even if you have had chicken pox. I was just discussing this issue with my mom and sister last night as a matter of fact, and we were all 3 under the impression that shingles was the concern. As I said, I am not sure but this is what I think and what we were discussing last night. I would certainly contact the dr to make sure and see if there is any concern for you and baby. I would make it known to that person and everyone else that if they are ill in any way shape or form to not come around you. This is something that you will have to do when the baby is born so why not do it now. I don't think some people take other peoples health/concerns into account - many are just selfish!


D - June 22

I don't think you sound like you are overreacting! I would be pretty upset myself. Talking to your doctor is probably a good idea. The other thing is, what stage of chicken pox was she in? If the sores were all dried up, then she shouldn't have been very contagious, if at all.



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