Childbirth Classes

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Peanut'sMum - December 21

Hi there mummies!! i am 24 weeks pg and I was wondering if anyone took the childbirth classes and if they are really worth attending or can one be fine without them?? I am considering registering but a friend who has 2 kids says it makes no difference. She did not attend one and says that the dr tells you what you should do on the d-date....comments pls. Thanks and a beautiful pg and delivery to all...


to Peanut'smum - December 21

do you mean cla__ses like Lamaze? I did not attend any either and although everything went okay the day of delivery, I kind of wished I had to teach myself how to maintain mself a little better during the pain. It just got ahold of me and I wasn't able to do anything to try to get a grasp on it.


Peanut'sMum - December 21

yes, Lamaze. I am thinking of going with my husband...this is my first pg and of course I would like to be in control of as much as possible and enjoy the experience too...


Steph - December 21

I thought that Lamaze was a joke and a huge waste of time. I think that it is probably beneficial for some people but certainly not for all. I believe that you will get answers all over the board on this question, so maybe the easiest thing you can do is research it some and maybe attend a couple of cla__ses and see what you think. :o)


mama-beans - December 21

I took a preparedness childbirth cla__s at my local hospital, and it was great! It was just one long weekend, and we really did learn a lot! Some of it was pretty hoakey (the breathing stuff just made us giggle) but they also went over pain meds and exactly what they did to you and to baby, the pros and cons, etc. they covered circ_mcision, the procedure and the aftercare should that be your choice, they showed some pretty graphic videos of labor, which was actually a good thing because it somewhat de-sensatised my husband and prepared him for what he might see and it gave me some great ideas for pushing positions ( as well as statistics on certain positions... FYI squatting has been shown the most effective) and really the cla__s just prepared you for what was going to happen. They made it fun.. like when you are laboring, you know you are close when the nurse opens *this* cupboard.. that kind of thing. I am glad I took it, although I don't know how much help it would be for a second child. I have moved recently so I will check and if my new hospital has a similar program we will be enrolling for baby #2 if only to get to know the facility and know what to expect there.


Rachel - December 22

I am taking a labor & childbirth cla__s starting 1-11-06. I am only doing it for my husband. He has no idea what is about to happen to me, he thinks he'll pa__s out. I think he will be okay after we take this cla__s.


Joanne - December 22

My sis-in-law advised not to take them. (she had her baby at the same hospital where I'm having mine) She said its because she learned everything she needed to know from all the pregnancy books she read. Everything in the cla__s was just a repeat of it. So, I figure I'll just read up as much as possible to know what to expect.



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