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SuzieQ - May 23

Hey everyone, I was wondering if everyone is going to childbirth classes or not and why. My dh and I are debating if we should go or not and thought some more input would be good. I want dh to be more involved in the pregnancy, and the classes might make him more comfortable. But we both know pretty much what to expect in a normal delivery, so do we really need to go? Anyways, any feedback would be great (good and bad!) thanks :)


Olivene - May 23

I am planning to go because I think you can't have too much information, but other than that I am giving my husband a little a__signed reading- things that I think will help him have an idea how to help me- or, at least, understand it. He's a smart guy, but I think reading about it will help with the emotional preparation, too.


Neets - May 23

Hi Suzie. We're planning on starting next week. I actually went to them a few years back when I was my friend's birthing partner. But I think it's really informative and the lessons ensure that both of you are aware of all that is entailed with giving birth. They give you insight as to why things happen and what causes pain - such as when the head engages and the different stages. My dh is happy to go along, I mean if I had to do something to my car engine, I'd have to go on a course top learn, so it's the same principle, I think with labour!! :-)


Susan W - May 23

Cla__ses should not just about what happens during a normal delivery. We took cla__ses NOT at the hospital -- those are too cookie cutter and mostly about what the hospital offers -- but from a doula. She gave us lots of hints on dealing with contractions, how DH could not freak out and best support me, stuff like that. I don't think I would have gotten through without a couple of her ideas the birth of that 11.5 baby! So I would recommend them. We're even thinking of seeing if she offers a cla__s for second time parents, since birth can be so different the second time around.


Neets - May 23

I'm planning on having a home birth. The cla__ses I'm going to are run by midwives at a local leisure centre in the midwifery practice. They are strong advocates for letting mother's take full control in their delivery and where they choose to give birth & try to adhere as much as possible to your birthing plan. They are not overbearing and listen to you. Obviously, the lessons encompa__s both the good & bad, and that is why I believe lessons are great preparator? (sp)


JESS1980 - May 23

My husband and I are taking a childbirth cla__s. The main reason we are going is b/c the cla__s gives a free tour of the hospital/birthing center. Also, they give you information on the procedure for checking in to the hospital, etc... when it's time for the baby to come. I think that info will be helpful to us, since we are first-time parents.


mcatherine - May 23

I think my husband and I are skipping cla__ses this time around. My library offers a childbirth series as well as a doula childbirth video - so we plan to refresh ourselves at home. Also, my doctor's office not only emloys doctors, but 4 midwives that offer instruction and question/answers sessions in office after the 30th week.


Susan W - May 23

Neets, I'm envious. I would love a home birth. But I live too far from the birth center, and my midwife doesn't do home births :(( I LOVED having a midwife the first time around. If I had used an OB, I would never ever ever have been allowed to labor like I did -- a doc would have freaked out :) . .. You lucky thing!! I can highly recommend using the tub and a birthing ball.


Robyn - May 23

SusanW - can I ask how you labored differently and why an OB wouldn't allow it? Thanks!


CaliTrish - May 23

Hi Suzie. At the moment, we are planning on a standard hospital delivery - epidural et al. However, I am planning on taking the childbirth/Lamaze cla__s offered by the hospital for backup. My sister and a close friend were both recently too late for an epidural and had to go natural unexpectedly. Wasn't a pleasant experience for either, and it was the fourth for my sister. I believe in being prepared. Who knows, maybe I'll end up having a natural childbirth by choice.


ITSABOY - May 23

I plan to go! How far along are you?I am 24 weeks and have my first cla__s when i am 28 weeks.When do you start these cla__ses?


SuzieQ - May 23

I'm 21 wks and get anxiety easily - so I don't want to scare myself with all the things that 'can' go wrong. But I also want to be able to make informed decisions. Anyways, thanks for all the input - I'll be having another doc appt this week and will discuss with him. Cla__ses start in july so I have a bit of time to decide :)


ThePezChick - May 24

My husband and I are taking childbirth cla__ses now. We're doing ones offered through our hospital and I must say I think they've been great so far. Lots of information on various types of births and medications/no medications, relaxation techniques, ways your partner can a__sist you, what to expect labor-wise, etc. This is my first child, so I didn't have all the info those of you who have been mothers previous have. I'm really glad we're taking them and it's given my husband a chance to feel like he's really important in the process, which of course he is. I highly recommend it if this is your first pregnancy.


Susan W - May 24

Robyn, what happened was I saw my midwife on my due date. I was dilated, but not strongly contracting. She stretched my cervix (OUCH) and I walked out in labor. She said to go home and call when they were 5 minutes apart. That went on all night, but then they stopped, to the surprise of my midwife, who said to not worry though. At that point, an OB would have either started oxytocin or cut. I waited around all day, and then they started again that night for real. I labored for 24 hours and pushed for three. The OB who saw me (I had a 4th degree tear) told me flat out he never ever would have let me labor that long and never push that long. He said the baby was too big -- I disagree, as I did get him out! Personally, after that experience, I learned that we women are tougher than we think we are and doctors are terrified of being sued if they let our bodies do what they are meant to do. I had no drugs, no IV fluids, no monitors and all that c___p, just doing what felt natural and right. I was in a hot-tub (wonderful) and allowed to use any position and do anything I needed to do. It really wasn't that bad. I hope to repeat it this time, but maybe a little faster and no visit to surgery, to just go home within 4-12 hours and recover in my bed.


Newhoneybuns - May 24

I am 19 weeks pregnant and this is my first child. We wanted to take the cla__ses but we could not made it. I just moved here reacently with my bf and i dont know my way around much i'm not sure how long the cla__ses are but i know it's more than one week. My bf's work schedule makes that we cant go cause he works 1 week days and 1 week nights so we wouldnt be able to go every week. But if we could have we would of gone in a second.


Neets - May 24

Susan, I wouldn't have it any other way. I a__sociate hospitals with my father when he was ill. Of course, I visited when my friends gave birth, but I'd rather be in my own surroundings & also have the same midwife throughout my entire pregnancy & delivery. This is, of course, if everything goes according to plan with baby, as it's health is paramount. I'm going to get a ball and we're going to get a pool which you can set up in your living room.


fefer1 - June 1

I was there for the live birth of my niece but my sister says I need to go to the cla__ses anyways. :) She's had 4 herself...she says there are lots of things you'll learn in the cla__ses and that they are worth it.



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