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For Fun! - November 21

Hi there! This is just for fun: Has anyone used the Chinese Lunar Calendar Gender Prediction chart? How accurate has this been for you, your friends or family? I have done all the women in my family and my friends and it has been correct. So, just wondering the stats on this. Again, just for fun!! Thanks for sharing


kj - November 21

It was right for me - I am having a girl. I also know it was correct for a co-worker. Good luck.


Tess - November 21

It says there Im having a girl----I'll let you know if its correct once I get my u/s for my baby's gender. I'll keep you posted.


For Fun - November 21

Kj - when did you have your ultrasound?


Jodi - November 21

It said I was having a girl, I'll find out for sure on dec 2nd and let you know. OH, I just wanted to say that I have this real strong feeling that it's a boy, but we'll see.


to for fun - November 21

Just found out I'm having a boy, so it's right for me (conceived in August, 29 years old), but I agree with you that's it's just for fun. I still think happen to believe it's 50/50.


Katie - November 21

How do you do this?


To Katie and "To just for fun" - November 21

I use this site: Good luck!!! I had my ultrasound at 16w3d and they told me 80% girl. When I checked the calendar it said Girl too! I was convinced it was a boy! So, we'll see!! I go back for another u/s next week. To the girl who is having a boy: August 29 years old.... I am the same as you, 29 Conceived Aug 5. Did you use your age or the CHINESE age you are supposed to use? I did my real age first and it said boy that's why I was shocked when u/s said girl. When I got home and did this again, I re-read the directions.... you are supposed to calculate your age to the chinese lunar calendar. So, we would turn 30 in June in China??? Check out the link I provided and see if it is still a boy for you. When did you have your u/s to find out it was a boy?? Sorry all the questions....


to above poster - November 21

I had my u/s about two hours ago. lol No kidding. The boy parts were unmistakable. It was so obvious. Adorable. I conceived August 3, will be turning 30 at the end of March. (Going into my ninth month at that time! What kind of 30th b-day celebration is THAT gonna be, I wonder, when I'm as big as a house!)


Katie - November 21

to the women above that concieved in august. When are u two due?


To Katie - November 21

I am due April 28


To girl having boy - November 21

Did you try the website I listed to see what it said you were having? Let me know what it says.... I'll be 30 in July. I dread turning 3-0!!! ha ha


Katie - November 21

Please help I tried to do the test and Im confused My b-day is 7-28-82 now do I type that date in or another date?


To Katie - November 21

You type in your birthday, then the second entry is the date you conceived. Like me, for example, I put in 7/9/76 for my birthday and I conceived on 8/5/05. Then hit the b___ton and it will tell you boy or girl.


Katie - November 21

Yeah but aren't you supposed to caculate your age to the chineese calander thats what someone said above. If so how do I do that


To Katie - November 21

It does it for you automatically.


answer to when am I due - November 21

I'm the other woman who conceived in August & I'm due 4/21.



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