Chinese Calendar To Predict The Baby S Sex

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LL - February 6

Has anyone ever tried this and if so was it accurate?


Dia - February 6

Not for says I am having a girl, but it is definitely a BOY :)


LL - February 6

Thanks Dia! It says I'll be having a girl also but I'm hoping for a boy and so is the father. I've had one ultrasound and they couldn't tell yet and I have another one on March 1st. I guess I’m just being impatient and really want to know.


N - February 6

With my first it said I was having a boy and I did. This time it's saying it should be a girl so we'll see!


Cabbie - February 6

Make sure you are using the sights (can't remember which ones) that convert your age to your lunar age because that is what you need to use to have half a chance.....mine was right with all three kids.


Dia - February 6

Hi LL...good luck!! Just wanted to also tell you that ALL of the old wives tales point straight to a girl - - hope my u/s wasn't wrong :) I am having another u/s this friday...I will let you know if it still looks like a boy (it seemed pretty clear and obvious last time, but you never know!)


mama-beans - February 6

It was right for me twice.


Beth - February 6

I was told to try this website: - it says I am having a girl and it was free (no need to sign up or anything annoying like that). We will see if it is right....


beth - February 6 click down below where it says predict baby's gender....have fun!!


^lucy^ - February 7

when i used it,, it said i was having a boy as well as all those quizzes i did,, and to tell u the truth i was convinced deep inside me that im having a boy.. but then we found out we're having a baby girl :) im more excited now.. but i read that u have to add 1 year to ur actual age cz chinese people consider a new born baby to be 1 years old and not 0.. when i did that i got all my results as a girl.. still i think its a chance and nothing more ofcourse


melanie - February 7

it was right for me with my 2 prior pregnancys, said I was having boys and I did. this time said another boy. But found out this one is a girl


Em - February 7

It was totally wrong for me - it said girl, but i'm definitely having a BOY!


Jenn - February 7

It was wrong 2 times for me-said girl both times-and I have a boy and pregnant with boy!!


Kiddolebel - February 7

Was right for me with my son and was right for me with this having a girl.


Jen - February 7

Wrong for me, said boy but its a girl!


bn - February 7

I tried it and it was accurate for me. I am having a little girl!! I also know it was accurate for my friend who is also having a little girl.


Shelle - February 7

It said I was going to have a girl!! I just found out yesterday It's a BOY!!! Yippy, because thats what I wanted Michelle



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