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trying for #2 - May 17

I went for my 19 week ultrasound yesterday and a 3.5 mm choroid plexus cysts was identified. The ultrasound exam was otherwise completely normal and we found out we are having a boy. I am a worrier by nature and of course, have myself in a complete frenzy over this since because of the increased chances of trisomy 18. Because of the cyst, I had a triple screen test done yesterday and should have the results in a week or two. My ob said not to lose sleep over it, but of course I will. I am wondering if anyone has either dealt with this or knows someone who has?


Carla - May 18 Hi Copy and paste this, this site is very helpful for everything, my friend expirenced the same thing, as long as the rest of the sono was good there is nothing to worry about. hope this helps


Carla - May 18

Hi i believe once u paste this and go to it it comes up not found on babyzone site . So just type in choroid plexus cyst in the search bar and click on the first result, it should come up with a whole page about it


trying for #2 - May 19

Carla, thanks for the info. I am starting to feel better after researching this, it seems like a fairly benign finding by itself, with no other markers. I will be counting the days till my test results and the next ultrasound, hopefully the results of those will both be good.


marranie - May 20

I had exactly the same at 19week us. Choroid plexus cysts are totally harmless but more common in babies with trisomy 18. I did not get triple screen (total waste of time at my age of 44) but did get another more detailed u/s which showed no markers for anything. The sonographer explained that trisomy 18 is pretty much lethal and babies with this will show many other markers, weird shaped skull, heart, kidney, stomach problems, small for dates growth, odd sized body parts, receding chin, curled feet and hands etc. As my second u/s showed everything perfectly normal i am quite happy to know the baby is normal, it is not something that slips by a good quality level II u/s (my first u/s was done at the local sonographer not a specialised one). I would not worry at all if i were you, though of course i did worry until i had the better u/s. one of the doctors who spoke to me said they shouldn't even mention cp cysts unless there were other markers and just cause women to worry over nothing.



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