Choroid Plexux Cysts

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Skyla - October 25

I just had my 20 wk ultrasound and everything looks good except that it has CPC. No other abnormalities are present and I am told no to worry about. I have a follow up ultrasound at 28wks and they would most likely disapear by that time. Doc says it's failry common and that she sees this on 4 to 5 ultrasounds a week. If it's so common I am suprised no one has mentioned this in any posts since I've been on this forum. Has anyone else been through this and please share your story.


joeysmom - October 26

Hello, I am currently 27 weeks and my son was diagnosed with a Choroid Plexus Cyst at my 20 weeks ultrasound also. I went to a specialist to make sure there were no other abnormalities and everything was also fine. They were going to re-check it at 28 weeks but then they noticed that my umbilical cord has attached in the wrong spot and now I have to get ultra sounds every four weeks. So at my 24 week ultrasound the cyst was gone, he checked it over three or four times and said it was gone. They also told me it was really common and as long as there were no other abnormalities then the baby should be fine. I still get worried from time to time but I have had three ultrasounds since then so I am sure everything is fine Just thought I would share my story. I couldn't fine any info on here a couple weeks ago so I thought I would share.


Skyla - October 29

Thanks you for sharing. I will have another ultrasound at 28wks ot see if it is still there as well. The more I read about it the less it scares me. It seems to be pretty common and rarely is it linked to any problems when it's the only marker in an ultrasound.


joeysmom - October 29

Yeah that's what the doctor told me. They said the ultrasound is only 50/50 but they didn't see anything else wrong for me so they said an Amnio would probably cause a miscarriage before anything would be wrong with the baby. Even if it doesn't go away, I have read that it will go away after birth. My doctor told me that we all walk around with cyst in our head everyday it's just that we don't know it b/c it doesn't do anything. So I wouldn't worry. Keep us posted as to how the next ultrasound goes!!!



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