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LILMAMA - June 13

Finally the second trimester. No more nausea, s_x is much better, more energy. How is everyone feeling??? And when are you due???


Trixiedoodle - June 13

I'm not surr I qualify yet to be on the 2nd tri board-I'm 12w6d. I still have m/s but am on meds. We've experienced vanishing twin syndrome so we are not going to attempt intercourse until we feel more secure & can experience it without the worry. There's other things we can do so we'll stick to those for now :) I certainly feel like I have more energy but I still like to go to bed early to sleep that little bit extra. My due date is Dec 22. When are you die LILMAMA?


lexy - June 13

I am glad it is the 2nd too. i have had bad m/s and i finally have more energy. i am due dec 1


voilet06 - June 13

Hey Lilmama! glad to be in 2nd trimester. lucky you ! i am jealous I still have nausea, i can handle it but sometimes i just wish it would go away! i think i am 12 weeks 3 days! hoping 13 weeks but who knows! have my first OB apt on monday so hoping alos we can hear the heart beat - maybe make it feel more real! Trixie- what is vanishing twin syndrome? i hope that all goes well with you! i'm due dec 24th! glad to hear from you all!


kelley32 - June 14

Hey girls ... I'm due Dec. 19th and so relieved to be out of the danger zone like Steff said. I have my first OB appt on June 20 and am very excited and nervous at the same time because I hope I like him ... I have a bad track record with not liking doctors, I think alot of them have a really bad bed-side manner and talk down to you. I am really hoping to hear the heartbeat though, I can't remember when I heard it with my daughter, 11 weeks I think. Well, good luck to you all!!


Tiffany814 - June 14

Hi ladies, I joined in a bit late on your other thread back in the 1st trimester board...I thought the 2nd trimester didn't start til the 14th week too? Who knows, I'm just so happy to be past 12 weeks! I'm due Dec. 24th like I said before, and my husband and I are sooo excited! Are any of you really showing yet? I'm not and I'm very disappointed,,,I mean I have a little something there but if you didn't know me you wouldn't be able to tell. I don't fit in a lot of my clothes (some still fit) and for the most part I'm wearing the size up from my regular size. I'm still feeling great! When is everyone going to start shopping for the nursery? It's too soon now right? lol :-)


voilet06 - June 14

Hey everyone, I'm proud to say i am wearing my first maternity shirt! i got it a few weeks ago from my parents on i thought i would wear it to brighten up my spirits- had a really rough night last night with nausea - glad its over with, can start a fresh day hopeully feel better! maybe at 14 weeks this will all go away! hope to talk to you all later! have a great morning!


Tiffany814 - June 14

Violet, I really hope you start to feel better soon! I heard that around the 14th week, something like 85-90% of women w/ m/s have it go away for the most part! Yeah! You're in your maternity shirt, I wore my pants for the first time yesterday...they are so comfortable w/ the elastic waistband! I dont necesarily need to wear them right now I was just excited to! haha


Steff - June 14

I just had my first ultrasound!!! It was the most amazing thing ever. My baby is measuring 11w 5 days. I am 12w (lmp) today so that is really great. Heartrate is 164! I am so psyched! Anyone else had thier scan yet?


lon - June 14

Hi Ladies, steff: i have had 3 scans so far 6.5wk, 8.5wk and 13wks it must just depend on where you live and what the the policies. I have an gyn appt tomorrow for the nuchal fold test so hoping everything is well, will also get to see the little one again! I am now 13wks 4days and glad to be in the 2nd trimester. Tiffany: yes elastic waistbands are great and so comfortable. Hope you are all well and have a good day.


Tiffany814 - June 15

Steff, not sure if you'll read this but I was wondering what you ultrasound at almost 12 weeks looked like?? Did it actually look like a baby? That is so exciting! Congrats! I had mine done at 7 weeks, to determine a due date, conception date, etc, but you couldn't tell what was what,,,which is what I expected. But that must be so cool to actually be able to tell that it's a baby in there! I cant wait- my next one will be in August at around 20 weeks. Lon, I have on the elastic waistband again today! I may never go back to regular pants, elastic rocks! lol- have a great day everyone!


voilet06 - June 15

Hey everyone, glad to hear others are in mat clothes - not because they have to but just because! I still have to go out and get some pants - maybe this weekend, have to check for sales and stuff ! Mat clothes can be so expensive but its needed! I'm counting down the days til 14 weeks! really hoping this goes away or i'm going to freak on my dr and get him to do something about it! i just found out yesterday that my neighbour who has a 2 year old has a doppler - so she is going to let me borrow it so we can hear the heart beat whenever! i think that is so cool for you steff, i can't wait to get my u/s done! i guess its different in places when you get it done! my dr didn;t want to send me for it til i'm at least 16 weeks so will have to wait! but its more encouraging for me to get up in the mornings that way! One more day has gone by! lol Tiffany thatnks for your encouragement - i was so down last night i could have cried all night but i just have to keep people in my life to encourage me to get through it - Hubby just doesn't get it- i feel bad for him because i know he just wants to make me feel better too! anyways enough of my babbling ! can wait to hear from you guys! have a great morning!


Tiffany814 - June 15

Violet- You have to borrow that doppler from your neighbor- once you hear that heartbeat, everything you're going through right now will seem totally worth it to you! It's amazing hearing that little heart beat. I'm sure by 14 weeks you'll be feeling better- if you read the boards so many women w/ m/s wake up one morning and feel great! It's that instant! So I hope thats you! Stay strong!


voilet06 - June 15

Thanks so much Tiffany! i know it could be worse too so keeping positive and eating my crackers! thanks !


Steff - June 15

Hi All. Tiffany: Yes it did look like a baby. He (not sure of gender but I hate saying "it") was sleeping for a bit and the techncian had to wake him up. Once he woke up he was pushing himself off the side of the amniotic sac and then sliding back down the side to his little resting place. He was kickinag and flailing his arms around. He flipped over onto his tummy and then fliped with his back to us. Stubborn little baby... takes after his father. And it was so odd to see all of this activity from something that is 5cm long...even wierder that I couldn't feel it. It was so amazing!!! Thanks for asking :)


Tiffany814 - June 15

Steff, holy cow! Thats amazing! I just can't imagine that there's that much activity going on in there when we don't feel a thing, ya know. Congratulations! Thats awesome! Just curious, did you doctor give you a pretty definite conception date? It was hard to determine mine but after the 7 week ultrasound they were pretty certain we conceived between march 27th and 29th. which is awesome cause we were in italy at that time...thats why I would like to know for sure. Just curious if your 12 week US or your doc was able to be pretty darn certain of your conception date? thanks!


Steff - June 15

Well It was just a tech. I haven't seen my doctor since before the U/S. I will be seeing her next week. They didn't really tell me a conception date. I was 12 weeks based on lmp but the baby measured 11 weeks 5 days. So I a__sume that I conceived on April 5th ish. Kindof makes sense. It was a friend's birthday the day before and I had a little to drink, ha ha... I wasn't really tracking ovulation or anything. We just thought "if it happens, it happens." and, well, it happened :) My officail due date is december 27th but baby will probably be late.. this seems to run in my family :)



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