Christmas Babies Birthday Ideas

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Tiffany814 - June 15

Okay ladies, this is extremely premature, but have you given any thought on how you will celebrate your little ones birthdays every year since we're giving birth during the holiday season? I've thought about having the party the first week in December every year, I've even heard of friends having the party at the childs half birthday in the summer time? Any thoughts on how to make our holiday babies birthdays special every year? My hubby and I are determined to make the birthday special every year so our child doesn't feel jipped. lol- What are your thoughts/suggestions?


cmfqueens - June 15

My 7 year olds daughter is 5 days before Christmas... I actually did not get to come home from the hospital with her until Christmas Eve. But we just have a normal party for her or let her choose to have a sleep over or go to Seaworld... we do something different every year. But by no means does the girl get jipped. And I don't think yours will either especially if this is baby number one. You won't have to worry about it until they are older anyway. Don't break your head over it my daughter has never complained once. You do What you can and thats that. They wont feel jipped unless you or someone else makes a big deal about it.


Tiffany814 - June 15

Thank you cmfqueens! I know you're right, it's up to you to make it special and we will. I actually think its a great time to have a baby- the holidays are such a happy time and I think it's very special! Plus when the baby is just born, they mostly just sleep and eat- in the next few months it will be spring/summer and by that time they will be smiling and laughing and the nice weather will be here so you can take them swimming,'ll be fun!


Steff - June 15

I am a Christmas baby myself and I am also 3 months pregnant with one :) It's so funny because I always told my Mom that I would NEVER under and circ_mstances have a Christmas baby... well, I was certainly wrong ha ha ha. The biggest peice of advice I can give to Future Moms of Christmas babies is: Try your best to completly separarate christmas and your little one's birthday. I really appreciated getting birthday gifts wrapped in birthday paper NOT christmas paper. I never felt jipped, it wasn't until I got older and people would forget about my birthday or use christmas as an excuss for not being able to come out for dinner. I never cared about getting presents, I just wanted people to remeber. Anyhow, I seem to be rambling. Congratulations on your christmas bundle of joy :)


cmfqueens - June 15

That is so true. Make sure to do whatever to seperate the two. And do use birthday paper!!!!!!! We never used Christmas paper for Angel and she actually does notice the difference. Just little things like that will make it ok!


Tiffany814 - June 15

Thanks ladies, for all the advice,,,I def plan on separating the two. And YES, you should never wrap the bday gifts in xmas paper! NO NO NO! That will NOT happen, if I can help it, lol. Thats why I'm gonna do the bdays probably in the first week of december every single year so people know. When my child gets older, thats another story. I have a best friend who's bday is on xmas eve (thats actually when I'm due) and I NEVER forget her bday,,,I think its so cool!


cmfqueens - June 15

This is my second daughter and she is due on Halloween!


jesnewmomagian - June 19

I have been thinking about this as well because my due date is christmas but I am sure that we can come up with something like a whole day out with mom and dad or a special birthday kids wish day something to that effect so that things stay special on the little ones special day.


frankschick2001 - June 19

I don't think you need to go to such great lengths to ensure your child doesn't feel jipped out of a birthday. As far as I believe, I would never celebrate a childs birthday at any other time pf year except for when she was born. Nor would I want a birthday party in June if my birthday is not until October! Just accept that there are worse things in life than having to share your birthday with the Christmas holiday. She'll get over it.


Joelle - July 15

Joelle my baby is due dec 27th and my Neices birthday is dec 13th so were gonna be doing thier birthdays together i thought that is a good idea...


flower.momma - July 16

For my dd's first b-day., Dec. 16, we had a huge luau. We turned the heat way up in the house, had awesome Hawaiian food, and wore gra__s skirts. It was so awesome and un-Christmasy


detour4me - July 17

well im due dec 24..see how that works lol and if i really do deliver x-mas eve


yetanothertripletmom - July 17

My 9 yr old son was born on December 26th so we have a special dinner, cake, and one present on his actual birthday. Then we have a real party in February. We plan on doing the same for the new baby due on January 1st. My older son says he feels like we get to celebrate his birthday twice and he loves it!


tritty - July 17

my husbands little sister was born on Christmas Eve so it's a struggle every year to decide what to do for her birthday. We usually celebrate the weekend before Christmas BUT it's important that the presents are wrapped in birthday wrapping NOT christmas paper. she has never complained. actually she loves it. it's like she gets a double christmas. (birthdays in their family is really like christmas). i think as long as you let them know it's "THEIR" day and make it special it doesn't matter when you have it!



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