Christmas Sweets Temptations

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HUNGRY - December 20

i work in a DR's office and reps constantly bring in huge trays of cookies,cupcakes,food,choclates! how am i gonna not eat all this?? Is everyone else having trouble keeping what u eat at a normal rate. Im gonna explode!!!!Does anyone have any advice on how to be good and stay away??


Joanne - December 20

No advice because I'm bad!! Here at the office today I have eaten too many Hershey Kisses to count! It's awful! I just try to eat healthy meals to go along with my giving in to temptation!!


JennyC - December 20

ahhh, I completely understand. The doc said I am gaining too quickly, so I made a huge effort to last 3 weeks to not eat any sweets. but this week has been my downfall. cookies, cakes, candies, the list goes on and on. Like Joanne said, I guess we just have to make sure it isn't replacing any of the healthy stuff we actually need. Good luck ladies. We have to be strong. And this holiday thing will be over in a few weeks!


gg - December 20

Warning - I am not going to be much of a help for you!! Ever since getting pregnant I can not handle sugar at all. I can eat one chocolate but if I eat two I feel sicker than a dog. It's very frustrating. I know that sounds strange! At least it has stopped me from eating too poorly. The only suggestion I can make is to chew gum or to have some nuts handy so that you always have something to snack on. You could pick one treat and eat it very slowly over the day and savour it (I would fail miserably). OR - you can just put blinders on to avoid looking at it!! Do you have a hightened sense of smell? That may not be helping either.


Sue - December 20

I gave up and just eat whatever I want. Worry about it later is my motto!


Ashley Marie - December 20

I cant tell ya either! lol! I havent gained but maybe 4-5 lbs but In the morning sickness days I lost about 20lbs. I am just starting to craves sweets, Like right now I am on a carmel popcorn high---all those nice big christmas tins full of popcorn! We have 3 sitting in the office where I work! Come on!!! I dont feel guilty at all--just satisfied! Its not an everyday thing either, just occasionally!


to Hungry - December 21

I know it requires a lot of will power , I try not to have the sweats at my sight, sometimes I give up and eat them, but try not to everyday, since I know that to much of could affect my baby. I always keep a granola bar or a fruit handy, in that way if I crave sweets I just eat that and feel much better afterwards.


Well - December 21

You could also drink an 8oz gla__s of water when you are wanting the treats and that will trick your body into thinking it's full....Drink the water fast and then get the hell outta the kitchen so you don't grab some sweets on the way out!! LOL! That's what I have been having to do!!


T - December 21

Dont deprive yourself, I have a piece of chocolate a day, like a piece is 1 turtle, that satisfy's my craving for the time being until the next day comes. If you deprive your more likely to binge! I think Ive been doing good, Im 26 weeks and have gained 11 pounds. Also if you feel your eating to much go for a long walk or a couple short ones, that will help burn the extra calories! Good Luck! oh and try not to have the motto worry about it later, its much harder later!!


JennyC - December 21

ugh, just at a cookie shaped like a reindeer. and I had a bag of popcorn this morning. I'm weak ladies!


Stephanie - December 22

Your not weak just human! I too wont be much help. I have never enjoyed the cookies and chocolates- no nothing is wrong with me- ha ha. what I do is have a treat once a week- for me it is either carrot cake , ice cream. If the craving lasts for awhile usually something is missing from my diet. I know youprobably all want to slap me. Have a good christmas ladies


Renee - December 23

If you weren't pregnant, you'd still be falling victim to these devilish goodies this tiem of year. Just make sure for every cookie or slice of cake you eat, you have some fruit (not dipped in any chocolate or sugar!) and veggies to counter the fat and unnecessary sugar intake. Sometimes I drink the chocolate flavored Ovaltene in my milk to get a little tasty kick without going nuts!!! :-)


Lolly - December 24

I can't seem to stop eating sweets. I alway have the huggest craving for chocolate!!


rachel - December 27

I agree with Sue. My Doctor said not to gain anymore weight, I'm 26 weeks, yeah right.


a bird - December 27

My MIL baked all these cookies, bought candy & chocolate, & it's just sitting around the house. Dammit! I was eating so healthy where I used to live. Wouldn't you know that as soon as I get pregnant, it all goes to sh*t? lol



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