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sarah21 - September 19

I have been pondering the whole circ_mcision thing. I won't know until 4 weeks from now if I am having a girl or boy, but want to be prepared for the decision of circ_mcising or not if it is a boy. What are y'all deciding to do?


tracielee - September 19

that's such a good question. i have no idea what we'll do if it's a boy. I have done some research on it, but still haven't been able to make up my mind. I want baby to be like his daddy, but then again I hear that circ_mcision is healthier, cleaner etc etc. It's common practice in the US, but not in the rest of the world. Everything I've read says that not circ_mcising is just as healthy as circ_mcision... just have to teach your little guy when he's a little older about how to wash himself. We are thinking that we may be having a girl, so perhaps we won't have to make the decision! Good luck to you


sarah21 - September 19

Thanks for the great input!


ROBYN - September 19

As you know we are having a boy and they are gonna the circ_msicison in the hospital i did that with my son 9 years ago.


Kira_lynn - September 19

Well here in Canada, its not routine anymore. So you have to pay. They say its "cosmetic surgery". Bahh haha. We're looking at 100-200 bucks. Im doing it cause i dont like the odds of urinary tract infections when its not done, and his daddy is. Dont want conflicting things going thru his head when he sees his dad. Plus, my nana was telling me about my grandpa (who wasnt) and how the first night they had s_x (both virgins) he tore and pretty much circ_msized himself. OUCH.


cfuller - September 19

Any boy I have will be circ_mcised. My hubby is circ_mcised as is his son from a previous marriage, so any other sons we have will be the same way. I think its cleaner and easier to take care of but that's my own personal opinion. We are having a girl so I don't have to worry about that yet.


corbin289 - September 19

We had our son done and my husband when with him to have it done. I used to work on maternity and have seen many done. The only thing I would recommend is asking the doc what procedure he uses. Most docs have one they use. With my son there was a plastic ring they put on to hold the skin down and then fall off in a week. Well it didnt fall off and his skin started to grow around it and we had to go in and have it cut. It was really bad. So I wouldnt suggest that one.


redmondsky - September 19

My husband is jewish so we will be having it done. Our other son had it done too - we are in Canada and had to pay. What can you do?


LindaE - September 19

Corbin thank you for the info. I had no idea they used that technique. I will definitely refuse that method if suggested. I am torn on this subject. Before I got pregnant I had planed on not circ_mcising but now that I am really faced with this I think it would be easier for me if he was. I think what really changed my mind was the study reported by the wall street journal that states male circ_mcision reduces the risk that men will contract HIV through intercourse with infected women by about 70 percent.


Buffi R. - September 19

I'm having a girl this time, but we circ_mcised my son when he was born. He's five now and I don't regret it. Daddy is circ_mcised, and in the states, I think most boys are, so I didn't want him to feel strange when he sees others like at day care, in gym cla__s later on, etc. I was surprised however at how "un-circ_mcised" he looked for the first few years. It took until he was about four before the head started protruding from around the skin. His pediatrician kept telling me he was normal and as the p___s grew it would look more normal, but I didn't believe it until I saw it.


jennifer_33106 - September 19

I am pretty sure we are having a boy and if we are then he will be circ_mcised. The pro's of having it done from what I have heard are it reduces the risk of infections and STDs. You dont have to teach him to pee different. The majority of boys in the US are circ_mcised so no poking fun in the locker room, I have heard that alot of baby boys sleep through it. Also I have heard that many men who do not have it end up having problems later on in life and have to have it done regardless and it is more painful then. As far as cons go On another thread of the same question I read that men who are not feel more s_xual pleasure then those who have had it done. (What I wanna know, Is how the hell they got that one) You dont have to worry about keeping the area clean. In alot of countries outside the US it is not common practice and they would get made fun of in the locker room. I didnt hear much more about the cons of a circ_mcision though. Anyways we are having it done for our little boy if it is a little boy, for all the pros and for religious purposes. Also Shon is so like father like son. haha Also I heard it is not hard to clean at all. :)


corbin289 - September 19

I used to a__sist the doctors do then and I have never seen one sleep through it. Although that would be nice. Most doc. give then a shot to numb it which they scream through then they do the cutting. They scream most of the time but its very fast and by the time their back in your arms they are sleeping again.


jennifer_33106 - September 19

Hey corbin, yeah thats what another Nurse told me. haha everything I said was hear say by the way!! How is the pregnancy going?


swollenangel - September 20

well, if i am having a boy then we will def be taking him for it! Only problem is i dont know who will be taking him - cos i know i wont be able to handle my little boy screaming (so i'll prob break down before they even do it) and my dh said he wouldnt be able to take him, cos he might knock the doc out (he's too protective)! haha! so, i reckon we'll probably get one of our parents to take him... either way he will get there! Guess i'll have to wait till i know for sure that it is a boy... if not, i might just be over thinking this a tad!


kazforrest - September 20

My partner is Jewish and his son from his first marriage was circ_mcised but there is no way on this earth I will let my son be butchered while he screams. If you were suppose to have no foreskin they wouldn’t be born with it. The consultant is fairly sure i am having a boy. I wouldn’t dream of doing this to a boy or a girl, to me this is an ethical decision. I have done significant research keeping clean is not an issue if you’re a normal clean person, millions manage it. Also it does affect s_x, all my previous partners were not circ_mcised and it does reduce s_xual pleasure. I am not saying that you can’t have a fab s_x life - we do but there is a clear impact for him. I know some people still believe in it I don’t. My son will be like his father in ways that count. My view is that its another thing down to personal choice. I just don’t understand this at all for any reason.


docbytch - September 20

circ_mcision all the way. dh and i are totally on the same page about this too.


corbin289 - September 20

Jennifer, Its going good. I just cant wait to find out what I'm having!! :) I think the nurses tell moms that to make them feel better. Like I said its really fast and they get over it really quick. Not fun to watch though. Like I said my husband went in with my ds when he has it done. I couldnt believe it because he has such a weak stomach but he wanted to hold his hand. How are you feeling? Are you feeling lots of movement now??



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