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MNMOM - March 2

Just wanted others thoughts on this topic, how many of you have boys or are having a boy and have already decided either for or against this? Anyone willing to share how they made the decision?


AshleyandAverysmom - March 2

Hello again...Were having a boy anbd huibby and I just had this converstaion last night. We are going through with the circ_mcision. The thought being tthat dad is and we dont wont himn to feel any differently. I've read up on the controversy on this subject and we just arent ready to be part of that change. Not sure what your religion is but I think it even says in the bible to do it..but dont quote me on that ! Lord help me if Im wrong ( pardon the pun) Anyways for us we will snip..hope that helps


suze42 - March 2

I have a boy, and we really didnt even consider not doing it. Same as A&Amom, wanted him to look like dad. And I have a nephew from Russia who is not, and I always worry that he is going to feel different...because it does look really different...not to mention what future girlfriends (yikes) might feel. As far as the procedure...they took him away and did it so quickly I didnt even have time to be worried. By the time they brought him back 2 minutes later...he wasnt even crying and feel fast asleep in my arms. I do admit tho, It just occured to me last night that since Im having a girl, It will be one less boo boo to worry about when I bring her home! But even the after care was not a big deal...well you have a boy so you know! :) Good Luck.


momma3tobe - March 2

I have a son, and we talked briefly about not doing it... but since his dad is we decided it would probably be best if he was too. He didn't even cry when he had it done (he was numbed beforehand) and he never really seemed to be in any discomfort as it was healing either... so if I am having a boy this time we will definitley have him circ_mcised.


taraleej - March 2

I have a son who is 5 now...And he is not done...with opinions from 3 doctors who said deffianlty decision was quickly made.....where I live you have to have approval from 5 doctors befor anyone will do it..becuase with alot of research done...there is no need for it to be done...but for thoes who have had it done with their sons I do not think its a bad thing..everyone really has there own thoughts on this...good luck with your decision.


lily10 - March 2

taralee, I'm just curious are you in the US?


jodie - March 2

My ds is 15months and we did it with him. We had a few minor issues with the way it healed and he did have to have some skin pulled at about 9 months (sooo horrible for him). This time we are having a girl but if it were a boy we would deffinatly do it again.


jodsil - March 2

We will be having a boy and will not be circ_msizing him for two reasons. 1) The pain that is felt by the baby and 2) No real reason to have a boy circ_mized. I have heard somewhere (and this could be gibberish) but in Canada they won't perform the surgery unless there is a medical reason sot hat also helped in a decision.


squished - March 2

If we have a boy he will be circ_msized so that he will look like his dad and it's a lot easier to keep clean. There has been case studies done saying that urinary tract infections are higher and also the transmission of HIV is easier b/c of certain cells that are in the foreskin act like receptors for the virus. I just read that yesterday. I will look for it on the web and post it if I find it again.


taraleej - March 2

lily10 no i live in nova scotia canada


javidsgirl - March 2

first off tara is that only in NS i live in ONT and i have never heard of that before they just give a mother a form here to sign if she wants it done or not thats it. as for me i am going to get it done if i have a boy becuase i feel it is better to have it done we won't know the s_x for a week yet


SaraH - March 2

If we have a boy we will do it. There is some indication that it does help reduce chances of cancer of the p___s, yeast infections, UTI's, etc. As far as draw backs there really aren't any except for the normal possible side effects of any minor surgery and healing process. My dh is circ_mcised and personally, while this may sound weird, I prefer the look of a circ_mcised p___s to that of an uncirc_mcised (that's just my strange preference though). Also I've worked a lot in health care and while I'm sure guys who aren't circ_mcised have no problem cleaning themselves. I've worked w/ ppl who can't care for themselves, and found it much more difficult to "throughly clean" someone who wasn't circ_mcised then someone who was. So, anyways, since there are some potential health benefits and the risks of doing it are minimal we'll have it done if baby is a baby.


c_baer19 - March 2

If we have a boy, we will definitely do it. In the long run, the area under the foreskin can get bacteria under it and become infected, among other things. I've never even given not circ_mcising my little one a thought!


aliciavr6 - March 2

I would definitely have it done if we weren't having a girl. :)


slackette - March 2

We will do it too (if we are having a son). I have had male friends that were not and they were always very embarrased about the way it looked. One of my friends considered having an adult circ_mcision just for aestetics. I don't want to have my son go through all of that. Plus, DH is and I want them to look the same. And SaraH, I agree - a circ_mcised one looks much more appealing than an uncirc_mcised one (but again, just my own opinion!).


TamaraAngel - March 2

My baby-to-be's father is NOT circ_msized. Not to be too graphic but it was the first time i ever saw i guy who had not had the surgery. Honestly, i felt it was quite unappealing looking and i was a bit weirded out at first. It also seemed less sanitary to me. My son will definitely be circ_msized when he's born. If i lived in a country that the norm was to not have it done, then i probably wouldn't. But since most boys in the US seem to get it done... i would prefer my son go the "normal" route.


MNMOM - March 2

My husband says the long term emotional pain (getting teased in the gym locker room, etc) is far worse than the short term physical discomfort. We circ_msized our son and will again with this next son. I cried when they did it, I could hear him screaming from down the hall, even though they numbed it and told me he cried because he was cold. It makes me uncomfortable and if my husband wasn't so pa__sionate about this topic I might consider not doing it.



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