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Kara - April 5

Been doing some care of newborn reading, and had a question about baby boys. All you mums already, are you supposed to gently clean under a baby boy's foreskin or not? I keep get_tng conflicting information. And to circ_mcise or not? Any benefits, or risks?


Jennifer - April 5

I had my son circ_mcised, it didn't bother him a bit, and it only took about 5 minutes, we have had no problems with him at all. They do say that it is not necessary, but if I have another boy this time, I will be getting it done again.


Maleficent - April 5

my son is circ_mcised. it's not really something i thought much about, and i don't feel that it's something that is going to matter in the long run. if this baby is a boy i don't know if we will have him circ_mcised, probly not.


tara - April 5

After all these years now Docs are saying that there is no medical reasons/benefits/risks to do it or not do it. They say do it if it's for religiouse reasons but doing my own research I have found different information on why some religions require circ_mcision. It seems to me that this is really becoming a personal choice now and I think by the time this generation is school age there will be more uncirc_mcised boys than circ_mcised. All the men in my family have been circ_mcised and have not had any problems or issues - I think if we have a boy he will be to, we may change our minds later, but so far that's the plan.


tiffani - April 5

The American Academy of Pediatrics no longer recommends circ_mcision. With that being said, it really is a personal decision that should be well researched and thought out. I chose not to circ_mcise my son for quite a few reasons, one being that my husband is not circ_mcised, another because.... OUCH, and another because there are no medical reasons to do so. Take some time to educate yourself so you are confident and comfortable with your decision. :o)


Mack - April 5

If we have a boy, there is no way we would consider putting him through an elective, cosmetic procedure that research has proven does nothing. If you are careful with the foreskin and teach your child to clean properly then there is no risk.


sarita - April 6

ok so what happened to the increased risk of infections, bacteria, viruses, etc? this not only causes problems for the boy, but for any women he may be intimate with in the least thats how i understood it. im having my boy circ_mcised. i also think it will help him bond with his father to have similar looking genitalia and will a__sist in faster potty training...just my two cents


monica - April 6

I had my first born son circ_mcised and now I am having a boy again. He will also be circ_mcised. my opinion, when it comes to looks they look better circ_mcised. Plus daddy is circ_mcised so I want all my boys to look like their daddy.


Mack - April 6

Sarita, you'll find that most recent research indicates no increased risk provided the p___s is cleaned properly. As Tiffani suggests, most highly regarded medical inst_tutions advise against it because it serves no purpose. I also find it funny that you want your boy to look like its father. How regularly do you intend for father/son dingus comparisons to occur?


Kara - April 6

Mack, I can understand Sarita's feelings completely. It's hardly unusual for a little boy toddler to have a shower or bath with his daddy, and the why are you different daddy might be hard to explain i imagine! My husband is also circ_mcised which is why I'm considering it. Thanks for your input everybody.


Foxy - April 6

Baby boys are never circ_mcised in the UK unless it's for religious reasons. I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I heard that circ_mcision can lead to a lessening of sensation in the p___s. I watched a TV programme about guys who live in the US who are trying stretch the skin around their p___s to try and get their foreskins back. They used some awful metal contraption which attached to the end of their p___s and to one of their legs. It looked painful! Anyone else seen it? I'd leave him with it and let him make his own choice when he's older.


Mellissa - April 6

My husband and I have talked about this and if this baby is born, we will be having him circ_mcised...not only for hygene purposes, but also, my 15 year old cousin was not circ_mcised at birth, and he is into sports and he never wanted to shower in front of the other guys cause he was uncirc_mcised, so my aunt took him to get circ_mcised at 15 years old. of course they put him under, but he was in a lot of pain afterwards as you can imagine, so with my child, I'm going to just get it over with as soon as he's born, so that when he gets older, he won't have to go through being embarra__sed and wanting to get the surgery 15 years later...


marie - April 6

the men who say getting curc_mcised makes you loose sensation, please they didn't even know what it was like when they had extra skin there. The head of the p___s is like a large c___toris, so less stuff coving it would mean more sensitivity, you'd think. My husband got his done when he was 6, and he is glad his mother had him do it. It is only a 5 minute thing, and babys get over it right away. Plus I have seen them with the foreskin and it looks gross, it is kind of a turn off. Also it is already hard to get kids to take a bath sometimes, how hard do you think it is (or would be) to get them to clean around there??


Foxy - April 6

My husband has his foreskin and I don't think it's gross at all, thank you very much! I don't understand this weird phobia for a piece of skin that's supposed to be there. All guys have them here, unless they are Jewish. I've never heard any of my friends complain of having trouble keeping their baby boys clean, and I never heard of anyone having an infection from it. It's rubbish to say it's unhygenic! I'm not against those who want to have their kids circ_mcised, especially if all the other kids are like it and you want them to fit in, but I find it quite insulting when people accuse guys who are left as nature intended as gross or dirty! I didn't know about this fad in the US for circ_mcising boys at birth as a matter of routine until I had an american boyfriend. I used to think it was just a jewish thing. His parents had to ask that he be left alone when he was born. I think it's bizarre, but I guess it all depends on what you're used to. The c___toris has a hood of skin over it, should we start removing that too?


- April 7

Ouch, Foxy! Don't give the world any ideas about cutting ANYTHING around the c___toris! lol


Vina - April 7

Its a personal decision for every parent. My husband and men in family are all circ_mcised (we live in the US.) So I think we will have our son circ_mcised as well. I "personally" think Its more hygenic and looks neater. But thats my personal opinion, everybody should do what they think the best for their little men.


Foxy - April 7

It's not unhygenic if you know how to wash.



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