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Shana - November 23

Hello all, I was just wanting to get some feedback. I am 22 weeks and expecting my first boy. Just curious as to how many of you are planning on circ_msizing and why. My OB said today, it is mainly a done for social or religious reasons but what do you think?


Lacy - November 23

Hi Shana! I have noticed that this can be a pretty touchy subject with some people. My husband and I have decided that if we have a boy, he will be circ_msized. I know that there are lots of arguments about the risks vs. benefits, but it is a personal decision, and in our case, my DH is circ_msized, and every man in both of our families is too, (as far as we know). My brothers, his brothers, our, I guess thats the basic reason for our decision, whether people support this or not, we would like to have it done.


jen - November 23

Me and my husband decided to get it done because my husband is and we just wanted our son to be "like" him done there. If this one is a boy I will have it done again. Many women don't have it done anymore though. But that is why we did...


Lily - November 23

I was facing the same question 2 years ago when I had my boy. All the men in my husband's family are circ_msized and all the men in mine are not. My mother in law said she had it done for my husband because all baby boys at had it done at that time, just like all babies got bottle-fed during that period. So l let my husband decide since it's a 'men' thing he should have better idea. Finally, my boy is not circ_mcized.


Lacy - November 23

Yeah lily that was kind of our approach too..I told my husband I wanted him to make the ultimate decision, being a man, and knowing more than me how it affects you emotionally and physically.


mls - November 23

I had my son (now 4) circ_mcized and I would give anything to be able to go back and have it undone. I realize he doesn't remember it now, but when they brought him back in the head of his little peter was blood red and it just made me cry. then the first time he peed in his diaper and it got on the head he screamed his sweet little heart out. broke my heart into a thousand pieces. the skin still fold over the head a bit and I have to pull it back and clease it properly so he's suffered absolutely no benefit from the procedure. just a butchering as far as I'm concerned. I'm not sure if the baby I'm carrying now is a boy or a girl, but I can promise you, if it's a boy....HE WILL NOT BE CIRCUMCISED.


Amy - November 23

Shana - I am 27 weeks pregnant with my second baby (we aren't finding out the s_x). But, I have a little boy who is almost 2. My husband and I went back and forth on this issue. Finally, we decided to circ_msize our boy because my husband is circ_msized. 80% or more of all babies are circ_msized still. Little boys will compare themselves to other boys in school, etc. (it is a guy thing).. if my little guy could come home and say, "daddy, why do I look different?" and my husband could explain that he looks like him, etc... than that would have been a different situation. ~ I hope I am making sense... Anyway, I also know a few guys that went in and got circ_msized later in life (ouch..could you imagine) because they felt so different dating. Again, I think it depends on other family memebers (i.e. dad) and also it depends on where you live (I think it is much more common not to be circ_msized outside the US). ~ Good luck.. I know it was a tough decision for us.


Shannon - November 23

For hygenic reasons I think its best to get it done. Because you know when your kids dont wanna take baths and the bacteria tends to build up in an uncirc_msized p___s, and therefor they have a higher risk of an infection. I say get it done immediately after birth so it doesn't hurt you to see the baby cry after getting his winky snipped. But if its a religious thing then by all means have a briss! In Ontario it costs $250 to circ_msize after birth.


Mel - November 23

Hey Shana, I am having a baby boy as well and my husband and I decided to circ_mcize him. Ours is more of a cultural reason to have it done but it is also that he looks like daddy. I have researched this issue at length and there are still medical benefits to having it done. I used to babysit a little boy that was uncirc_mcized and he got infections all the time no matter how clean he was. Inevitably, doctors told his parents that he had to be circ_mcized or he would continue to get these painful infections (mainly UTIs). At age 8, he had a circ_mcision and it was extremely painful for him. But, he no longer got infections after that. Because of that, I decided that if I ever had a son, I would circ_mcize him as a newborn. Either way, it is a personal decision between you and your partner. Good luck with your decision.


melanie - November 23

Hi Shanna. I have a 4 year old and 2 year old twins. I had them all circ_msized, not for religious reasons but for hygiene. I have a 4 yera old nephew and when he was brn he was not circ_msized and always got infections from his diaper and still gets them if he doesn't get a regular bath. His Dr. also told his mom he needs to be circ_msized so he wont get infections any more. I can glady say that my boys have never had an infection.


to Shana - November 23

I'm preg w/ my first, it's a boy, and honestly, I'm leaving it up to my boyfriend. This is because previously, I had a bf who went off about circ_mcision all the time, and I obviously personally can't empathize, so I'm gonna let the guy empathize for our baby for me.


Mary - November 24

I had my 1st son done only because I was young and the doc said it was good for health reasons so being young I took his word , now if I have a boy no way the pain on the poor baby plus you take away alot of their s_xual feeling later on in life . My dh isnt and says he feels so much more pleasure . they have done a study and proven that it will decrease the feeling at the tip of the p___s no need for it as long as you wash right he will be fine and love ya later in life more for it . however if its a religous then I guess you must but I still believe its cruel to snip the end of a little baby no frezzing nothing just snip ohh that must hurt . I also have a friend who had her son done and they snipped a little to far and now he is 18 and very depresssed with it . just some thought to think about but in the end its really up to u as baby has no say right now.


To Mary - November 24

I'm having a little boy too and my DH is not circ_msized. All of my side of the family is. I am at odds with this. However, if your DH feels good sensation, how can he possibly be able to judge/compare himself to other men. You have to be inside another's body to compare. Or tested with a sensory thing like they do in labs.


Mary - November 24

he know because the part of skin he does have still he feels the sensation in it , the part they snip he says has alot of feeling and from being with a guy that was prier he complained he didnt feel as good as alot of his friends told him that werent . So I guess the best proff is that my dh says the actural skin he does have still is sensitive and feels good proves to me that there is sansation there .


mary - November 24

oh and he also says that the skin that is there helps to feel better as it rubs up and down on hte tip of the p___s where when its snipped you dont get the rubbing.


.... - November 24

There are studies out that show that men that were circ_mcized as adults can actually be more sensitive after the circ_mcision. One study that I looked at showed that some felt the same, some felt a loss of sensitivity, and some said that they experienced more pleasure. My guess is that it could either way, it could be more or less sensitive. May depend on the way it is done with each guy? If you look on, there are articles about the pros and cons of circ_mcision. It has some good points for each side. Just something to think about.


Amy - November 24

I think there are good reason to get circ_msized and to not get circ_msized... like I said earlier, it is a personal issue and factors such as religion, hygeine, parenting, etc. will probably weigh heavily. However, I will say that it really doesn't hurt the baby when they are first born. Our little guy didn't even cry (not even a whimper). He was circ_msized 8 days after he was born because he was extremely ill (meconium). I think deciding to get your child circ_msized later in life (due to infections, etc.) would be awful. I couldn't imagine the pain!! ~



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