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cmfqueens - June 1

I have been experiencing some wild action during the night with movement from the baby! (Must be Nocturnal haha!) Anyway I borrowed my daughters cd player and put in some classical music and it really seems to sooth the baby! Just thought I'd share, I know I need all the sleep I can get especilly for those of us who already have little ones runnning around. Plus I work full time. So how is everybody doing? I get my u/s tomorrow hopefully the ball of joy will cooperate...


Karen_Fletcher - June 1

Hi cmfqueens, iv been playing my Flump (25weeks) mozart and he goes crazy!! lol, he especially likes symphony 41!! lol


cmfqueens - June 1

Thats so funny!!!! What they respond too. I heard it makes them smarter....? We like Bethoveen (hehe) I shpould try Mozart I like him too.


cmfqueens - June 1

They have Baby mozart cd's as well, they say its good for them even after thier born.


Rebekah B - June 1

I wrap headphones around my belly at work and play Mozart and Beethoven. You should see the wacky condition of my poor headphones ;-0



Great reading from all you galls! I'm new at this, and I when I mean new, that includes this being my first pregnancy!



Ive got a question, Im 4 months in and want to start having my baby listen to music too! are head phones the only way to go? or can I just put a tape recorder/radio in front of my belly?? will that be enough?


Mingill - June 12

Hi Christine, you can do either. The folks at babycenter recommend that you don't turn the volume up too high, no louder than 70 decibals if you opt for the stereo. And everything I have read says not to do it for too long (1 hour or so) as it might overstimulate baby. Check out the baby center article:


Mingill - June 12

As usual, take out the extra hyphens in pregnancy and after html.


cmfqueens - June 12

Hi Christine!!!!! I like the head phones because it actually gives off the vibration inside the belly and echos for the baby rather then just putting the player up to you belly.


squished - June 17

You can play any music that you would like though right? Something like Buffet or Bob Marley isn't going to irritate the baby will it? Or is there something about the cla__sical music that is more beneficial to the baby?


Hana - June 18

Oh God i play the baby rock and roll LOL My baby is gonna come out hyperactive. I cant stand cla__sical music so i always have pop on in the car and a little loud and i love the way it responds to it. Do you think its bad ? Does anyone know any negative side effects of pop and rock and roll on the baby?


Mingill - June 18

I'm sure pop or rock and roll are fine. I've heard pretty much any music will do, it's apparently the rhythm that the baby responds to. So as long as it's not too loud, baby should be fine.



Hey ! so what happens if the music is too loud? is it something serious? hmmm curious........


cmfqueens - June 19

I really never cared for cla__sical music myself but then it kind of grew on me. Mingill is right though its the rythm and vibrations that the baby responds too. I choose cla__sical music because it is soothing at night. I have heard though that it stimulates the brain more and actually can make them smarter, but thats not why I use it. cause I don't believe that it was ever proven. My 7 year old still listens too it at night sometimes too, and it relaxes her alot quicker then other cd's that she likes to listen too.


frankschick2001 - June 19

How do you know if they are moving around because they enjoy it or maybe they are just annoyed by it and are going nuts in there! That is what I worry about!


olivia - June 19

LOL frankschick2001. I never played music to my belly for that very reason. I always wondered if I'd be piping in vibes and my poor baby was moving around trying to shut it up. Or worse the little baby is sleeping and I decide it needs some music and wake the poor babe up. I never felt comfortable making that call. Glad to hear I am not completely paranoid, or at least not alone in it!



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