Cleft Lip

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fizzypop - November 5

hi ive just had my 20 week scan found out its a boy but he has a cleft lip and 1 percent chance of having a chrmosome abnormalty has anyone been in the same situation


Happymommy - November 5

Cleft lip is a very common birth defect, and it is quite easily corrected with minor surgery. I don't have any children with it but have known a few friends whose children had it. I a__sume that cleft lip means cleft palate too?? Or maybe I am wrong on that. The children that I know who have had that are completely normal and just had some feeding issues early on. Now, after surgery, you can hardly tell. Hope all goes well for you, and try not to worry too much. Your baby is probably completely fine and a cleft palate is not a serious problem.


jojomac - November 5

I found out that I'm having a girl. I've known some babies born with cleft lip and after surgery are just fine. I wouldn't worry about the 1 percent chromosome abnormality. That is a very small chance. Two of my friends had small percentages of abnormalities, and their babies came out just fine. My ultrasound came up with a spot on her heart that could be a sign of down syndrome. Most cases the spot goes away, but a blood test will tell the percentage. I had my blood drawn on Friday, and still awaiting lab results.


sarah21 - November 5

Cleft palate is a lot worse than cleft lip. It's easily fixed with plastic surgery since there is no malformation of the actual mouth. The biggest problem is usually when cleft palate is present and it is hard for the baby to eat normally. It's still kind of traumatic though because the baby looks kind of weird, but take heart and know that it is easily fixed. And look at Joaquin Phoenix-- his cleft palate scars give him a very distinctive, handsome look. :D And I wouldn't sweat the 1% of the chromosomal abnormality-- it's probably just fine.


montie75 - November 6

JoJomac- I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with twins. At my 18 week growth and development u/s, they told me that my girl had a hole in her heart. They had me go back at 22 weeks were they found no hole at all. During my research about holes, it is more common in girls than boys and usually it's more commonly known as a Heart Mumor in newborns. I wouldn't worry about it too much in regards to downs. The most common sign of downs is lower positioning of the ears, eye sockets and such on an u/s. I will pray for you as well.....................FIZZYPOP-I have no info on your situation, I am sorry. I will pray for you also!! Good luck ladies, however I am sure all is 100% okay!!


jojomac - November 6

I got the results back today. The blood test came back negative for downs and other chromosome defects. I am so relieved. Fizzypop - I will pray for you also. I don't know anyone personally that have had babies with cleft, but I know friends of friends that have. All of them are okay now. So, try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and awaiting that wonderful little boy you are creating.



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