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gg - December 16

I would really like to use cloth diapers and am hoping that those of you who have used them can recommend a brand. There is not a diaper service where I live so I will be doing all the washing.


Ba8y6irl - December 19

My mom did the same thing with both my sister and I. I guess really you just have to have the time to wash all those diapers!!


24WKS - December 19



N - December 19

I didn't use cloth diapers, but my friend did. I think they were Kushies or Kooshies (sp?) and she loved them. But she did say she would not use cloth diapers if it weren't for the paper liners that you use with them. You are a brave woman!!


Heather to GG - December 20

I had planned to use cloth diapers but I am now planning on going bavk to work full time when the baby is less then 3 months old, therfore the baby will be in a daycare setting and I cant use them for the time I am at work. I am still considering useing them when I am home with her, at least to save some money and not use so many disposable, but I also dont know what brand to use. Sorry I can't help much! I thought though it would be nice for you to hear from another mommy that would like to daiper her baby with something other than the disposable junk! For all the mommys that are noocking the cloth diapers, they save a ton of money and the baby potty trains on average a year quicker then with disposables!


gg - December 20

Thanks for you replies. I know that cloth diapers are no longer the norm. I will likely use disposables if we travel or anything like that but for day to day stuff I prefer cloth. I live in Canada and Kooshies are available at the major department stores. It is nice to hear from someone who has used them. A friend has told me to use disposable for the first little bit as the baby will go through diapers like crazy. Then she recommends to switch to cloth. My good friend is pregnant as well and is due a month after me. She wants to use cloth as well. Has any ever used Mother Ease or Gabby's? I am not sure, but they may only be available in Canada.


gg to Heather - December 20

Heather, I can't imagine using cloth if you are going back to work at 3 months. Actually, I doubt that most daycares would even allow them. It's great if you can use them but in your situation disposables are most likely the best solution! I can't imagine working at a job and then having to deal with all the laundry. Especially when you can spend that precious time with your new baby! Thanks for your reply and understanding why I want to go with cloth.


JennyC - December 20

gg, try reading about cloth diapers in "Baby Bargains". Its a great book that was recommended on the Oprah show. I am 27 weeks pregnant. We planned to use cloth diapers too (so you know you aren't alone, even if there's very few of us out there) but are currently in an apartment and won't be able to afford to pay for the washing all the time. I have heard it recommended to use both cloth and disposable. Use the cloth during the day when you're at home, and the disposable when you are travelling or going out and at night. I guess it helps them sleep through the night better because disposable keeps them dryer. Good luck and don't give up.


Kim - December 20

I have two children and would not consider cloth diapers. Too much money is spent on clothing to have it ruined by stains. Also, the rashes that come with cloth are not worth any possible savings. I would not want to clean some of the messes I have seen in 7 years of diapers.


Melanie - December 21

I'm considering cloth and am so glad to hear these comments and suggestions!


Laney - December 29

I use cloth on my son who is now 21 months, I am expecting my next baby in June and will use cloth from day one. I LOVE cloth..Try and for more info. I use Fuzzibuns pockets( the are like a disposable) at night and when we are away from the house, at home I use CPF(chinese pre-folds) with wool covers or and cover that velcros on. WE have saved a bundle using cloth


gg - January 3

to Laney, thanks for the info. I will look into those websites and see what they have to offer. My sister used cloth and recommends getting a cloth liner that is not attached to the actual diaper. She said there was many times when her daughter just soiled the liner and didn't really need to wash the whole diaper. I appreciate your advice. Thank You.



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