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Seredetia - December 10

I need help! I wanted to try out some cloth diapers, but it's hard to find the "easy" velcro-type diapers where I live. The only thing that i've been able to find here are G-Diapers at Babies 'R Us. Does anyone have any experience using these and/or have other suggestions for different brands of (cloth) diapers? I'm scared of the tri- bi- whatever-folds as I'd have to fold them myself and I'm not very spacially accurate. lol. (In other words, my baby would end up with the diaper on her head). Any help would be appreciated!


CourtneyHope - December 11

My sister uses Fuzzi Bunz. Her son is now 18 months, and he loves them! They have b___tons and not velcro, but there are multiple snaps on each diaper for sizing. If I was a stay at home mom, I would totally use them, but I have to go back to work after our daughter is born this March. Good Luck!!


Seredetia - December 11

Thank you very much. I'll look into these.:)


starlight_94 - December 11

Never used them, but have you tried looking on ebay? They may have them new from a dfferent area that sells them?!! I personally am for disposable b/c I am not a laundry person... I use huggies which are expenive but worth it for me! LOL, I hate poop :)


Seredetia - December 12

Well, the only problem with Ebay is that I don't have a credit card...I guess I could do a pre-paid something-or-other. And, as far as disposable diapers, yes...I use those exclusively with my daughter. I wanted to try cloth, though, with my second because my daughter breaks out quite frequently with disposables. She's super sensitive. I've heard some good things about the cloth and how they're a lot easier from years past. Sooo...I want to just take them up on that and give them a whirl. Even if I just use 3-4/day as a "relief" from the irritating disposables.


LauraRey - December 17

I'm planning on trying applecheeks ( I'm sure we'll use disposables some, but my goal was to be a bit more environmentally sensitive. Plus, I met with an applecheeks rep and was totally impressed with the product.


Renee-Marie - December 19

I tried G-Diapers, and theyre a little messy. Now I've got my son in a different diaper found on Its a white package and is chlorine free and made with natural products (no oils) and is biodegradeable. My son is 2 and so the diapers are more "serious' now and these have stood up to the challenge. Its the eco-friendliness I was looking for, with a modern appeal. I think they're called "Nature BabyCare" - OH and the prices are comparable to Cruisers - PLUS shippin is free. So it also saves a trip to the grocery store! Just buy in bulk, you're gonna need to anyway!!!!!! Good luck!


jodie - December 20

I use Fuzzi Bunz and I absolutly love them! I tried G diapers first and they were waaay to much of a ha__sle! The Fuzzi Bunz snap so it's to hard for the baby to take off as they get older (my dd is 17 months now and doesn't pay any attention to them) You might be able to find a dealer around you if you google it. The little boutique I bought them from had ones you could "try out" before you decided. I looove them! Good luck!



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