Co Ed Shower

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Leanna - October 12

What do you gals think about a co-ed baby shower? I wen tot one once and it was fun, but I wanted to hear what your opinions were on the idea.


B - October 12

Well I know if I asked my husband to go to a baby shower with me he would laugh in my face! He definatly would not be interested in bein at mine either! He is happy to be a dad but he doesn't think all the baby stuff is so cute and great. Maybe he is wierd but he didn't even want to register w/ me. He just leaves everything up to me!


Jess - October 12

I think its a great idea if your husband or boyfriend is up to it. My boyfriend wants to have all his friends over to celebrate and to play some poker while I'll be having all the girls in another section of the house to celebrate. I say do it if it makes you happy.


pbj - October 12

I've been to a few and they are fun, but it's not as if the men hung out with us anyway. They were done kinda like a Bar B Q. Really it's up to you and your partner.


lmrod55 - October 12

I think it is a great idea. For our first child we had one shower that was co-ed and one that was just women. My husband had a blast - as did the other guys that were there. I think it depends on the men that would be attending and where it would be...


shelly - October 12

I'm having a small co-ed shower and a big shower that my family is throwing there is going to be a couple guys there. My hubby, dad, and father-in-law will all be there.


Amber - October 13

As long as you do some fun stuff, not just oogle over baby stuff, guys tend to bore of that. Get some awesome games rocking! Oh yeah, and food :)


Ashley - October 13

My mom will probably throw a "girls only" shower, but dh can hang out with my 3 younger brothers. On his side of the family, though, there will be a co-ed shower. Dad sometimes holds the baby or unwraps stuff for mom if she has the baby. Oh, and their side does it different, showers AFTER the event! I know I will be a lot more comfortable with him there even though I like his family better than I do mine! lol. I married a big man and a quietly possesive one and it is so wonderful how all of my relatives give me room to breath when he is around! ;) Oh, well. I can survive one afternoon with my aunts but I really like the whole co-ed thing! Our bachelor/bachelorette parties started off seperately and ended up together -it was planned that way to suprise us- and it was a blast. Yay co-ed! :)


karen - October 13

I think if we should have to suffer through baby showers, they should too! I hate bridal showers & baby showers, and making them co-ed makes it more of a party than just a bunch of women oooh-ing and aaahing over a bunch of baby stuff. I have been to a few and they were fun for everyone.



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