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Karen S - January 30

I know your not supposed to have caffine and I usually dont but latley the past few mornigs I've one cup of coffee. Now I've read that it's not bad and I've read that it's not good. What do you think?


J - January 30

Hi Karen, I asked my doctor about this at my first prenatal visit, and she said that it's fine to have one cup of coffee each day. I have one cup in the morning and then drink water or juice for the rest of the day.


Kiddolebel - January 30

Yup, coffee is fine. Starbucks is treat for me! lol


Karen S - January 30

Thanks for you unputs:)


Nita - January 30

I usually get a decaf from starbucks whenever I have the craving. It's better than getting the regular/the lattes(which I used to LOVE before my pregnancy).


Lyd - January 30

A tall latte had sooo much less caffine than reg coffee or even a soda.


Deb - January 30

They say that it is okay to have coffee as long as you are having less than 300mg of caffeine a day. I think that is roughly 3 cups of coffee. Remember too that caffeine is a stimulant, and it is probably best to indulge only once in a while, or you might end up with a child who is hard to handle!


Ashley - January 30

My dr. Told me up to 2 cups a day is ok (also with soda)


Brandi - January 30

300 mg. of caffeine is okay, average cup of coffee has about 150 mg. can of soda has 35-50 mg.


Trinaty - January 31

Im the same,have one coffee in the morning and thats it, but could have more easily. I thought it was strange I didnt go off it , but now I know Im not alone!


krc - January 31

I have a cup of coffee almost every morning at home but usually I only drink half. It makes my stomach make weird noises all day ! lol


Lynne - February 1

My doctor told me 2 caffinated drinks per day. One cup of coffe and a soda later in the day but no more.


Lori - February 1

I rarely drank any during my first trimester then decided I truly needed a cup in the morning to function. My doctors say 3 cups or less per day is fine so I don't feel the least bit guilty about this.


Lyd - February 1

I would honestly go crazy if I couldn't have a cup of coffee in the morning.


iakram - February 2

hi i don't feel that guilty anymore..just this past week after feeling much better from the MS i've had the need to get my timmy's coffee first thing in the morning! med double double that's the way i like it :) oh and i have my occasional coke here and there....i know that's not good..but i think i'm addicted to caffine



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