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Jamie - November 28

I have a bad cold. A friend of mine told me her doctor said it was okay to take Sudafed during pregnancy. I am 22.5 weeks. Has anyone been told the same thing?


kashi - November 28

just don't take any goldenseal. my midwife sais it is not good at all to take it during pregnancy.


Heidi - November 28

When I had a cold my doctor told me I could take Sudafed or Robitussin. I went with the Sudafed. I was also told to rub Vicks on my neck, that also helped me.


bry - November 29

drink lots of liquids and get lots of rest, drink fresh juice if possible, like orange or other juices containing vitamin c


E - November 29

You should call your doctor or pharmacist and not rely on what other people have heard:) Hope you feel better. I have been stuffed up through my entire pregnancy and my nasal pa__sages are starting to bleed.


Reb - November 30

I had a horrible cold about three weeks ago, just days before I went in for an amnio. I feel for you. Get lots of rest and drink fluids. Also, a vaporizer helped me a lot. A cold will end with or without you taking anything. If you don't need to, why take anything? For the amnio, I still had a cough, so they told me to take Robitussin - the plain kind without any DM or other letters behind it. I took it the day before the amnio and the day or two after to make sure the cough didn't cause any rupture in the amnio insertion point. The next week, I was dizzy from the congestion, and my OB did tell me sudafed, which I didn't take. Honestly, I am with E in that I don't really trust anyones advice on drugs during pregnancy. I took the cough medicine because I was so concerned about the amnio. Good luck and feel better.


Sonja - October 11

I was told absolutely no Suddafed because pseudoephedrine (sp?) is not something that has been widely tested & effects are unknown, also all my doctors recommend only taking cla__s b drugs which means they have been tested w/no know effects. Suddafed is a cla__s c drug which means it has not been tested. My OB & GP suggest benedryl (plain old fashioned nothing added) and clariten, I also use Vicks BabyRub on my chest to help me breathe. Ultimately the person you should be asking is your OB!! Good luck!



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