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Jill - June 13

Hi, I am 14 weeks and have to have a colposcopy because they saw mild changes on my pap smear. Has anyone else had this? Has anyone had this while pregnant? Can it harm the baby? Does it hurt? I can't find any info on it while being pregnant.


tina - June 13

i had it done at 12 or 13 weeks. i'm 18 weeks pregnant now. it can't harm the baby at all. it did not hurt at all. the doctor can get a better look at your cervix and get a better sample. it's not a big deal at all....please don't worry:)


Jodie - June 13

Hi jill, I had one right at the begining of my pregnancy and I am 17 weeks now. I'm not gonna lie, for me it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but the pain is just like a quick one second period cramp. Not to bad. I squeezed my moms finger...hehehe. Good luck


Robyn - June 14

Hi, Im 20+ weeks and the saw abnormal pap come back so they decided to do one on me. That was at like 7 weeks and they said they would do the colposcopy but would not do the biopsy while I was pregnant. All the colposcopy is, was a vinigar rub on your cervix and some samples taken to geta better look. If they decide to do a biopsy on your cervix, ask for a second opinion because my doc refused until after the babies where born. Good luck!


Wanda - June 14

I had one during my second Dr visit, because there were abnormal changes on my pap smear from the first visit. I didn't have the invasive one where they remove a small sample for testing, but he had to look at me up close with those special microscope gla__ses. It wasn't any more uncomfortable than any other gyno exam.


Jill - June 14

Thanks a lot for your answers, it always helps to hear from people who have been through it. The doctor always says not to worry, but you can't always do that. Thanks!!


Heidi - June 14

I had one done around my 2nd month due to abnormal cells on my cervix also. It didn't hurt but it wasn't very comfortable at all. They said I may have mild bleeding and cramping afterwards but I didn't have either. It just kind of hurt while they were trying to take the photos or whatever. Ouch! It pinched more than anything. I have to have a second one done at the end of this month to compare the changes if there are any but they won't do a biopsy while I'm pregnant. They said if the cells changed a lot since my last appointment in April, they will send me to Mayo to have them taken care of since they will actually treat this while pregnant at a bigger clinic ect. Everyone told me not to worry about it either so I'm trying not to.



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