Colposcopy And Biopsy

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Ambertane - July 14

Who has had one when pregnant? What should i expect? i hope it doenst cause miscarrage!!


Robyn - July 14

Woah how far are you along?! I had an abnormal pap before I found out I was pregnant, so they schedualed a colposcopy. I found out I was pregnant a little while later and the still went through with the colposcopy but they refused to do a biopsy on me even though I was only like 7 weeks pregnant. I would ask for a second opinion just to be on the safe side. The colposcopy is fine but the biopsy should wait until after the pregnancy unless its an extreme emergency like something that can harm the baby. Other than that I was under the impression it should wait. Anyways this is just from experience and what my OB said so good luck and dont be afraid to ask questions!!!!


Heidi - July 14

I had an abnormal pap on my first prenatal visit. Two months later I had a colposcopy but they wouldn't do a biopsy because I was pregnant BUT they said if it looked bad they would send me to Mayo cus they were more experienced with biopsies and treatment while pregnant. They said they saw abnormal cells and to have another one done in three months. I just had one done the end of June and she said it looked much better and I wouldn't have to have another one till after the baby is born so I don't have to have another one till around Xmas time.


Jackie - July 14

I had a colposcopy when I was 14 weeks pregnant. The colposcopy does not hurt it's just them going in and looking but if they have to do a biopsy it just feels like a pinch and some cramping. Some doctors will do a biopsy while pregnant and some won't.


Heidi - July 14

Some hospitals and docs that specialize in this can do biopsies and even treatment while pregnant. My doc told me Mayo does these procedures on pregnant women all the time and the risk is very minimal. But my regular doc would not do a biopsy and didn't think it was bad enough to sent me to Mayo for one.


lilmum - July 14

Did they tell you what stage the cells are at? How far along are you? Did you find out before you got pregnant or after? If the mutation is minimal (stage 1) and you found out after you got pregnant, i wouldn't even get the colposcopy yet, i would wait until after the baby is born and have another pap(they're not bad enough that there will be any serious complications to being checked and treated afterwards, and if you were already pregnant when the cells started to show up, it could be caused by pregnancy and clear up after the baby is born). Also, having a yeast infection or BV can affect a pap, and say that the cells are worse off than they really are. If the cells are worse than that, or were there before you got pregnant, get the colposcopy (it's basically like this liquid they put on your cervix that under a light will make the bad cells glow), but i wouldn't recommend a biopsy unless you are at a hospital that specializes in treating pregnant women.


Jackie - July 14

I had mild cell change before they did my colposcopy and I asked if I had to do it and they said that the pap smear could have missed some cancerous cells or something worse. I would at least get a colposcopy it does not hurt at all it's just like getting a pap smear and go from there on what they see and say. A colposcopy can not cause miscarriage.


ambertane - July 14

i am 14 weeks pregnant, they said i had a sligtly abnormal cells thats all she had said, she said it showed up no cancer so now what?


Jackie - July 14

Well, when I had mild cell change, I asked if I had to get a colposcopy. They said no but they would advise because there could be some cancerous cells that the pap smear could have missed. It's completely up to you, but the coloposcopy does not hurt and I think it's worth it to know what is going on with your body so you know what to expect and to do next. They can do a colposcopy without doing a biopsy and the biopsy is the only thing that hurts a little. It's up to you what you want to do, but in my situation I went ahead with the colposcopy and found out there was nothing wrong it made my stress level go pretty much all the way down.



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