Colposcopy Biopsy While Pregnant

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Jenn - September 16

Has anyone had a colposcopy done while pregnant? My dr booked one for me and I will be 17 weeks when it will be done. If they do this along with a biopsy, is it really safe or do I run a risk of a miscarriage? I would like to choose not to do it just to be safe...what do you think? I have had minor cervical abnormalities for two years now and they've never gotten any worse and never gotten much better.....has anyone ever had their 'dysplasia' completly go away after giving birth (I've heard this can happen)....thanks!


Rhonda - September 16

Hi Jenn when I was pregnant with my 2nd I had a "pinch biopsy" done this was done around my 17wk as well and it was just a small biopsy well the doctor that did it had to call another doctor in cause she could not stop the bleeding....and I had really bad cramps after I was really scared thank God my son was fine but I did not have a colposcopy done til after I gave birth which I am really suprised that they would want you to do that while pregnant due to it will weaken your cervix which is not good at all for me if I had to do it all over again I would have had nothing done til after the birth but I was listening to my doctor...I really think you should wait if it were me i would wait since it is nothing that can not wait til you give birth it is not a life or death thing when if you go letting them mess with your cervix it could make you mc just my opinion Good luck....( :


Jen - September 16

I agree with Rhonda- I would not feel comfortable having this done until after the baby is born. You are almost half way done new, and I really doubt that another few months will worsen the problem...but I am not a doctor. Maybe you should get a second opinion or discuss your concerns with your doctor. Good luck and take care!


pbj - September 17

I would think there wouldn't be a problem considering it is in your cervix, the baby is by now safe inside your uterus. However, that is something I would definately seek a second opinion for, you need to speak to your OB/GYN about any risks a__sociated with the procedure.


J - September 17

I would get a second opinion. I had 2 colposcopies and leeps done 2 years ago. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and got put on complete bedrest because my cervix is 50% effaced. Also, I would get a second opinion because if it is something like what I had (adeno carcinoma in situ) in a couple of months it could be full b__wn cancer. So, good luck...just take it seriously and make sure your doctors do too. I had to change docs a couple of times already with my preg. because no one was concerned about my cervix and now i finally got a great dr. who is checking me once a week and taking this extremely serious. Good luck.


Kate - September 18

I was scheduled to have a colpo done at 18 weeks. Now I am 20 weeks. When I had it done my doc was totally against doing a biopsy. They are supposed to wait until after birth. It is NOT medically correct for them to do that. This is the first I have ever had a irregular pap and they have been freaking me out about HPV. I just had a pap 7 months ao when i had a miscarriage and everything was normal. I have heard that 95% of the time your pap will go back to normal after birth. If you are having an irregular pap it might be because your body is not fighting infections like it usually would if you weren't pregnant. Good Luck and ask questions...


to pbj - September 18

Hi you said you don't see where the problem would be in doing that since it is only the cervix...well at this time the baby may be safe in the uterus but if the cervix opens up then there is a BIG PROBLEM it is best not to mess around with the cervix until after the birth..


Carla - September 18

My doctor will be doing a colposcopy and biopsy after the baby is born. He says it will not affect my pregnancy and it's better to wait until after the birth. My sister had her colposcopy be done after the birth of her son as well, her doctor also said it was better to wait until after the birth since dysplacia gets worse during pregnancy b/c of a lowered immune system it might go away after the birth.


pbj - September 18 I stand corrected. Still I don't see why your cervix would necessarily open because of a colpo or biopsy considering how long your cervix is during pregnancy. That's why I did state that her OB should tell her all the risks a__sociated. I stated my opinion...but I would never do that without stating I personally would speak with a doctor.


Jenn - September 19

Thanks everyone, it's good to hear it from 'normal' people & not drs. My dr. originally said that she didn't want to do the colp until after it was born, but I guess got pressured from the women's clinic to have it done anyway. In the end it is my desicion. I've made up my mind to wait the 51/2 months....I'm sure they can monitor it until then just in case! Thanks again!



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