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First Timer - October 7

Hi I'm a first timer and noticed this morning a small drop of colostrum and starting my third trimester as I'm 28 weeks today. Has anyone else noticed this and does it mean that I may have the baby earlier than my Dec 29th due date. I've gotten quite large and people keep asking me if I'm having twins but so far the ultrasound shows that there is only one! Anyone else??


MJM - October 7

Totally normal,. I have had this since I was about 15ish weeks. i am now 27 wks. Dont worry, I am actually leaking colostrum at times.


March_Mommy06 - October 7

I feel dumb, but this is a term I am unfamiliar with. Help?


Brandie - October 7

I'm in my 27th week and I noticed a spot on my shirt when I was like 24 or 25 weeks. It's normal I wouldn't worry.


First timer - October 7

Hi, Don't feel dumb what colostrum is is b___st milk that your b___sts are starting to make for the baby. I wasn't sure at what week this would begin but as MJM said it can be either earlier as she has had or later like myself in your pregnancy. I just noticed a small dot this morning as at first I thought it was a piece of fuzz but realized that it was b___st milk as it had more of a creamy colour to it. They say that colostrum especially right after the baby is born provides many nutrients and antibodies that are very beneficial for the baby so if you decide to b___stfeed the first few weeks are important as that is when the milk is best.


First timer - October 7

Also thank you very much for all your responses and Good Luck to all!!


nicnac - October 10

i am 25 weeks and haven't had any colostrum yet? is this normal?


jen - October 10

I did not have any colostrum until after I delivered my baby. I think that the range of what is normal is huge. Sounds like from 15 weeks to after birth is all normal.


Heather - October 10

Yes, I am 25 wks, and just noticed it last week when I woke up. I called and asked my Dr and she said it was fine, but not to stimuate it... it could cause early contractions. I notice it now almost every morning- My dr also said that s_x can cause this.. or even an erotic dream!!


angela - October 10

i have noticed this a couple of times, but it's not liquid, it's like a little bit of dried discharge from the nipple - i hav to kind of pick it out of my nipple with my fingernail (gross!). Is this maybe colustrum? It's an off white color.



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