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shan - November 3

I have two boys and this is my third pregnancy. Im at my 22nd week now. I was hopeing for a girl and the doctor told me its look like a girl at my 20th week. I was very happy. but yesterday the doctor confirm its a boy. I was really disappointed and sad. Is it normal to feel sad because im guilty to feel sad. Anyone in the same boat? Is it really a boy or girl, confused!!!


Christine - November 4

If the doc confirmed a is probably a boy though I have heard of them being wrong this way...usually they are wrong when the say girl..because they didnt see the male genitals...just hang in there...I have two girls and go for a sonogram in 2 weeks praying for a boy...


ErinJoy - November 4

My mom gave birth to my sisters in 1988. She was told during her entire pregnancy that she was having a girl. She gave birth to her girl and was still having contractions. The other one was up near her ribs. Twins that were never discovered up until the very last minute! My sister gave birth in Feb of '04 to a sweet 8 lb. baby Dylan. Yeah -- that's what she was told only he was a 10 lb. 8 oz. girl. My little Olivia! Trust me, anything can happen...


estee - November 13

what does it even matter if boy or girl? what about healthy? that doesn't matter? well, i'd be praying for a HEALTHY baby, rather than driving myself crazy with i want aboy, i want a girl... they're all blessings, no matter what. and as long as the baby is healthy i think you've got yourself a deal, right?


E - November 13

I am with estee on this. Healthy is all that matters.


keeley mills - November 15

i went for my 20 week scan on friday 12th nov and the doctor told me every thing is ok apart from my baby has a low waist line, i just want to know what this might mean? if someone could help i would be greatful


Christine - November 16

I dont think anyone meant that they did not want a healthy baby...but there is no harm in swaying one way or the other...I was hoping for a HEALTHY little boy...since I have two HEALTHY little girls already...went for my sonogram...found out it is a HEALTHY little girl again...not upset at all, I was very glad to hear that everything was going as it is supposed to and that she is actually a little on the big side...but I do not feel guilty for first looking forward to a boy...


shan - November 17

You are right Christine, Although I want a girl, i still love my healthy little boy and want everything best for him.


paula - November 18

ofcourse its normal to feel sad you wanted a girl and u was told you wud be having a little girl. you have nothing to feel guilty about its just a feeling and your little boy comes you'll love him just as much as if he was a happened to my m8 too and she says she wudnt change it for the world ...its just like ur greiveing ..soon u will be ok and happy again xxxxxxxx


Kim - November 18

Some on once told me that if you have the same partner and your first 2 children are of the same s_x that it's a 75% chance you will have the same s_x for your third I don't know if that's true or not.. my sister has 3 boys and she was praying for a girl the last time and when she found out it was a boy she felt the same way but never fear that little boy is the most spoiled of the 3.. you'll get used to it and be soo glad in the long run.. I have the only girl out of 6 grandchildren for my parents and she's rotten which makes for some behavioral problems.. besides boys are more loving to thier moms I have 2 boys as well and little girls whine ... I woundnt' change a thing I love all 3 of my kids the same but ... with the boys there's a little something more there.. not sure what.. but good luck..


shan - November 18

My sister's both have 2 girls followed by a boy, so I was hoping for a change too. Anyway you are right about boys Kim. My boys are very attach to me. It is my husband who wanted a girl so much. It hurt a bit to see him disappointed.Although he doesn't say anything, I know that he is disappointed. We both talked it out and all we want is healthy baby, Just waiting for the happy day.


bry - November 30

I think that if you are hoping for a girl an it is not, it is normal to be disappointed, I am sure that will all go away with time, Once you see that beautiful baby boy you will forget that you were ever sad.



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